Issue - decisions

Release of Funding

20/06/2011 - Release of Funding (Agenda item 10)

The Assistant Commercial Property Manager stated that the Street Lighting Replacement Programme was in the Capital Programme but the allocation of funding required the Sub-Committee’s agreement.


Within the district, Breckland had responsibility for over 2,200 footway street lighting columns.  The priority was to replace the 827 concrete and timber columns on a four year rolling basis.  The cost to replace each column was, in the worst case scenario, £1200.  Tenders would have to be invited for the contract.


In terms of risk, street lighting had been identified as a risk and was on the Risk Register at a score of 2.


The Council would also be undertaking condition surveys on the remaining steel and aluminium street light columns and would form a separate project.  Should all the steel columns need replacing, a further £1.7m revenue budget would be required. This additional budget would need full Council approval as it was outside the current Capital Programme.


As this project required significant investment, the Assistant Director of Finance suggested that the Sub-Committee be provided with a six monthly progress report.


A Member asked if the Council, when installing these new columns, could ensure that they blended in with the street scene in specific areas


Another Member asked if the wooden columns had any value and if they did who would benefit.  The Building Services Manager advised that this, as well as the previous request, would be reflected in the contract.


In response to a question as to whether all street columns were still required, Members were informed that this would be up to the Town Council to decide.  The Chairman pointed that he had mentioned about co-ordinating the street lighting review with the Police so that low crime areas had less lighting.


Following further discussion, the Chairman was satisfied with the report subject to the names of personnel affected being written in full in future, and it was




1)           the funding amount of £1m be released from the Capital Programme over a four year period as follows:


  • £400,000 in 2011/12; and
  • a further £200,000 per annum in the following three years.


2)           the Sub-Committee be provided with a six monthly progress report;


3)      the Sub-Committee be provided with a project end report 2014/15 (exact date to be agreed); and


4)           a post project review be provided within three months of project end.