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Appendix A - Proposals for retail and other allocations in Dereham


The Senior Planning Policy Officer (Capita Symonds for Breckland Council) presented this Appendix. 


D.12 – Preferred Option for new retail development


The 2007 Retail Study had identified a need for additional comparison (non-food) floorspace in Dereham.  Reasonable options for further town centre development were sought and the report identified an Area of Search.  It was proposed that the consultation document should seek comment on the potential for intensification of comparison retail floorspace in that area.


A Member sought clarification of the statement, in the second paragraph of page 42, that there was “limited interrelation between the catchments of lower order market towns” and it was explained that this referred to the fact that each of the market towns had their own catchment area and a relatively high retention rate within that area.


The same Member suggested that the TA Centre could be replaced by a car park.  Another Member asked if the MoD had been approached to ascertain if they were willing to give up the existing TA Centre and the Senior Planning Policy Officer said that such negotiations would be part of the system if this option was put forward.


A Dereham Member felt that the proposed retail usage was correct but he suggested that office uses should not be ruled out as there was a shortage of such facilities in the town centre.


The Senior Planning Policy Officer endorsed that and said there was a need for more evidence.  This would be provided by an updated Retail Study to be carried out in August 2010.  There would be further opportunities for discussion as the proposals moved forward.


D.13 and D.14 – Alternative Options


The Chairman noted that the alternative proposals did not appear on the map and it was explained that these were concept ideas only.


No further comments were made.


D.15 - Preferred Option for proposed Dereham Cemetery


Mr P Duigan and Mrs L Turner left the room whilst this item was discussed.


In response to a question it was clarified that the land to the west of the site was Dereham Town Football Club.  A Member asked if access would be via the football club.  He was concerned because he said that the amount of traffic generated by a cemetery was surprising.


Mr Needham, Clerk to Dereham Town Council, explained that there was an existing access to the site adjacent to the Football Club.  There had been informal discussions with the Highways Authority about this access and it was likely that the Town Council would be required to pay for an extension to the 30mph limit past this point.  A car park would be formed inside the site.


Mr Needham went on to say that the Town Council welcomed this site’s inclusion in the LDF as the current cemetery only had about six or seven years’ space left.


D.16 - Reasonable alternative option


No comments were made.




(1)               Site D12 be endorsed as the Preferred Option for new retail development.


(2)               D.13 and D.14 be endorsed as Reasonable Alternative Options.


(3)               Site D.15 be endorsed as the Preferred Option for the proposed Dereham Cemetery.


(4)               Site D.16 be endorsed as a Reasonable Alternative Option.


Mr Duigan and Mrs Turner returned to the room.

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