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Recruitment of Independent community Sub-Group members


Rob Walker presented the report on behalf of Robert Campbell.


TJ queried section two. He said there was no detail in the report as why that decision was made. He questioned the benefits of changing it as one thing discussed when the Sub-group was created was for ordinary members of the community who didn’t already have an avenue to lobby could apply to join the Sub-group.

RW explained the aim was to get a balance. Initially it was for enthusiastic motivated members of the community that were not already associated with another group. For the Officer group there was a benefit to having people that are connected within the town. Individuals were still welcome to apply but as a collective they may benefit more by having someone that was already connected to community groups.

TJ understood the aim however he believed the group was in danger of going too far the other way and only have people that are already involved in a community group. With a selection panel in place he could not understand the rationale for restricting applications. He suggested the advert be worded “preferred candidates are likely to be actively involved in existing community work within Greater Thetford” and not as currently proposed.


RW confirmed he was happy with the amendment of “group” to “work”.

RWh suggested deleting the amended line altogether as he believed it would put people off who were not part of community group.


The Chairman echoed the proposal from TJ to change the wording which was agreed by the Board.


RWh advised he had several issues with the report. He felt it rather odd that the Sub-group were not consulted with regarding the advert. He also felt the advert itself needed improving. He stated it gave applicants little idea of what the role involved, there was no link to the website to show applicants the work of the Sub-group, there was no information regarding the selection process, no mention that a meeting would be held during the selection process timeframe that candidates might wish to attend. He agreed with Terry that the balance should not swing the other way and therefore believed that line should be removed from the advert. He also stated it would be useful for the Sub-group to have sight of the application form before the advert was published.

RW confirmed he was more than happy to share the application form. The advert was aimed to be short and more information would be given within the application pack. He agreed with Terry’s proposal to change the word “group” to “work”. He confirmed the Sub-group had been approached several times to address recruitment but the Sub-group did not forward a proposal the Board was happy with and subsequently the Officer group were asked to do it.

RWh advised the matter was discussed at the Sub-group and he had written a report to the Board, this report was not discussed at the Board meeting and at the following meeting the Officer group brought a paper which the Sub-group wasn’t given a prior opportunity to discuss, the Board discussed the Officer group proposal and agreed how to proceed. There had been no instruction from the Board for either the Sub-group or the Officer group to produce paper.


The Chairman was frustrated that the Board spent a great deal of meeting time discussing the governance of the Sub-group and the Board. He pointed out that this was Terry Jermy’s last meeting as a representative and by the next meeting neither himself nor Roy Brame may be present as District and County representative. Through the previous six months the Board had been in a state of flux about regarding the governance of the Board and Sub-group are whether both were fit for purpose. The Officer suggestions made he believed were sound and maybe in 2019 the Board and Sub-group would be assessed again to ensure they were still fit for purpose.


Action: RW to speak to RWh regarding application form and selection process.


RB suggested the advert be sent to all Chairman of Resident groups for them to publish on their website so the relevant people can see the advert through the relevant group they belong to.

RW agreed with this suggestion.


RWh suggested the advert should also appear in the About Thetford magazine.


SCA confirmed the Board were happy that he as Chairman and the 3 representatives from the Sub-group work on the advert and selection process.


The Board were happy with that proposal.


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