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Communities Sub-Group Update


RWh presented the report from the Community Sub-Group.


Public Concerns


Recycling Centres - The Sub-group had concerns regarding the new charges for disposing of DIY waste at Recycling centres and requested the Board consider writing formally to Breckland and Norfolk County Council to express the public’s concern.


RW confirmed the new policy at Recycling Centres was a concern shared by Breckland and this matter would be dealt with through discussions with Norfolk County Council colleagues.

The Chairman confirmed the Board would not write to Norfolk County Council but would ask County Councillors to look into waste matters.

TJ queried if the sub-group asked why the board had decided not to send letter what reason would be given.

The Chairman advised it was the Boards role to raise a concern. The Breckland portfolio concerned had a representative on the Board so was best placed to answer.


Change of use Planning Application - The Sub-group reported the public’s uneasiness at the change of use application for three empty units near to the Cinema, a change of use application had been submitted to transform the units into a gym. The Sub-group had agreed to write to Breckland Council with a list of specific questions about this matter.


RW was in disagreement regarding the Sub-group writing to Breckland Council. His understanding was the Board members were given an opportunity to deal with a matter and District and County Councillors were representatives on the Board and should be given an opportunity to answer/action first from the Sub-group before the Sub-group write directly to the Organisation.


RB shared the understanding. He questioned if the Sub-group took action on the issues on their own then what was the purpose of the Board. He agreed the cinema ideas had changed but looking broadly at the gym proposal it would create footfall, bring in revenue, three units would be let and the facility would provide the community with exercise and getting people into town and he struggled to see the objection to the application.

RWh confirmed the Sub–group did not object to the application, they had some questions to gain more information on the application that they would like answered.

RW suggested the questions came to him and the Chairman and they get answers and report back to the group.


Action: RW and SCA to be sent list of Sub-groups questions and report back to the Board with answers.


Potholes - There was some public concern regarding repairs to potholes in the town being of a poor standard.

TJ requested the sub-group encourage the public to copy in their County Councillor to any highways correspondence. The report it function online was the correct route for the public to use however if it was an unsatisfactory service the County Councillors needed to know about it.


Action: TJ to give RWh direct contact details.







It was confirmed the Communication paper would be brought to the next Board meeting.


Cycling and Walking routes report


Board members and the public were encouraged to give feedback on the report available at a meeting was to be arranged with David Cumming from NCC Highways to discuss available resources.

The Chairman looked forward to an update from the sub-group following the meeting with David.

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