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Application for the grant of a Hackney Carriage / Private Hire drivers licence

Report of Shared Executive Manager for People and Public Protection.


The Licensing Officer presented the report. An application had been made for a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire drivers licence. The DVLA check had showed the applicant had 6 penalty points.


Councillor Richmond queried why the DVLA check had been carried out on 01/03/2017 as this was before the application was made.


The Licensing Officer confirmed that after contact is made by the applicant the first check carried out is a DBS check. Following receipt of that the formal application is then made by the applicant and at the same time the DVLA check is carried out.  It was noted that a further DVLA check has not been made since 1st March 2017.


The Applicant presented the main reason for applying for a taxi licence is that he is currently out of work. He had been offered a job as a driver. He received the points driving home from work in Felixstowe, he was giving a colleague a lift to Norwich and was on a route he didn’t normally take. Turning off the A14 onto the A140 it was a dual carriageway but he failed to see it was a 50 mph limit and was stopped by the Police. The matter went to court in his absence and due to him doing just over 70 in a 50mph zone he was given 6 points on his licence. He had no previous accidents, incidents or points in 30 years of driving.


Councillor Gilbert clarified the road was the A14 turning onto the A140.


The applicant confirmed it was.


Councillor Richmond queried SP30 code and penalty.


The Applicant confirmed it was 6 points as just over 70mph, if under 70 it would have been 3 points.


The Licensing Officer confirmed thresholds of fines and penalties based on speed.


The Chairman queried what work the applicant had previously done.


The Applicant advised he had been a scaffolder for 20 years. Self employed but contracted by Bloor homes.


The Chairman asked for confirmation from the applicant that he had been driving for 30 years with no previous convictions, and it was a full licence.


The Applicant confirmed that was accurate.


Councillor Richmond queried if he would be working as a full time taxi driver should a licence be granted.


The Applicant advised he would be working full time, whatever hours were available to him. He confirmed he been offered a job and had a car ready to start work.


With nothing further to add and no further questions the applicant and officers left the room for the panel to deliberate.


Following deliberation by the Panel the Applicant and Officers returned to the room.


The Chairman thanked the Applicant for his patience. She advised the Panel had taken into account that he had declared the points on his application form and the circumstances surrounding the offence. They noted the offence took place 3 years ago and he had held a full and clean licence for 30 years. She advised the licence would be granted with no restrictions or initial period. She pointed out that holding a licence is a great responsibility as he would be carrying the elderly, children and the vulnerable and their wellbeing would be in his hands. She advised he read the rulebook carefully that he would be issued and should he receive any further points before September when his previous points expired his licence may be revoked by Breckland Council.


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