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Quarter 2 2017-18 Performance Overview Report (Agenda Item 8)

To receive an update.


The Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Strategy, Governance and Transformation presented the report which sought to address points raised previously.


The key successes were increased garden waste and a small reduction in landfill and high occupancy levels of commercial units.


The red items in the report were explained:


·         The call-abandonment rate in the table had been caused by an issue with staffing levels.  The figure had now dropped to 6% which was well below the target. 


·         The length of the average call-wait time was due to the high volume of housing calls.  The CIP team were working with the Contact Centre and the Housing team to ascertain why there were increased levels.  An explanation would be provided in the next report.


·         The short term investment forecast indicated as red because it had not been budgeted for.  It was in fact a good news story as the Council had more money than expected.


·         The HR team were monitoring the reasons for staff leaving.  In some cases it was due to fixed term contracts coming to an end. 


The Chairman asked why there were still ‘unknowns’ on page 37.


The CIP Manager explained that they referred to homelessness targets which were not listed in the report.  There was a system issue which meant the information could not be uploaded at the moment.  The figures were available and would be circulated to Members. 


Councillor Oliver noted that staff turn-over was not only caused by the ending of short term contracts and he asked if the Commission should be worried about the reasons staff were leaving.  He was advised that the HR Manager had not raised any concerns about the reasons given by those departing.


Councillor Matthews had experienced problems trying to contact staff in the Housing and Contact Centre teams.  She asked if there were problems with recruitment.


The Executive Member advised that there had been two members of staff in the Contact Centre with long term sickness.  They were now on a phased return to work and two other posts, which had been left vacant during the service reviews, had now been filled.


Councillor Dimoglou asked if more could have been done with the Jaeger lease.  The Strategic Property Manager explained that due to the rules regarding companies in administration the best option had been to allow the lease to end otherwise the asset would have been in the hands of the administrators.


Councillor Oliver asked if temporary staff could be employed when high call volumes were expected by the Contact Centre.  That had been tried in the past, but the use of temporary staff had not been successful due to the level of training they required.


The Executive Member encouraged Members to use the Direct Dial numbers they had been given for Planning and Commercial.  Contact Centre calls sometimes dealt with complex issues which took longer to resolve.  He suggested that Members should sit in the Call Centre to see the work they did.


The Executive Director for Strategy and Governance explained that during the Contact Centre service review it had been prudent not to put people into long term contracts but now the review was complete that would change and it should help the situation.


The Chairman thanked the Executive Member for his report.  She asked Members of the Commission to book appointments to visit the Contact Centre with the Executive Member and to copy her in on those requests.


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