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Cabinet - 18 March 2008 (Agenda Item 5)

Unconfirmed minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 18 March 2008.


(a)       Vacant and Surplus Land – Options:  Reference from Council Meeting (Minute No 43/08)


The Leader read a statement.  He thanked the Boyd Avenue, Toftwood residents for coming forward and stating their case clearly and eloquently.  Having taken legal advice following issues raised at the Cabinet meeting, three new recommendations were made.


The Leader of the Labour Party supported the three recommendations and asked that the covenant should state that the land remain as public open space in perpetuity.


He further commented that a fourth recommendation should have stated that the Council would desist from spending needless money on work that could be carried out by officers of the Council.


A Member was concerned at what would happen to the land when the covenant ran out.  It was pointed out that if the covenant protected the land in perpetuity it would last forever.


Another Member mentioned the hard work being undertaken by Dereham Members behind the scenes on the Green Infrastructure Survey.


These recommendations were proposed and seconded and it was




(1)               Boyd Avenue be removed from the programme of work;


(2)               the three pieces of land on Boyd Avenue be offered to the Town Council as open space with a suitable covenant that the land remains as public open space; and


(3)               the rest of the programme in Dereham should not take place before the Dereham Town Infrastructure Report was published in September 2008.


A representative of the residents thanked the Chairman and Members for their consideration.


(b)               Treasury Management Policy and Strategy (Minute No 44/08)




(1)       the Prudential Indicators as Limits for 2008/09 to 2010/11 be approved;

(2)       the MRP Statement which sets out the Council’s policy on MRP be approved;


(3)       the Treasury Management Strategy 2008/09 and the Treasury Prudential Indicators be approved; and


(4)               the Investment Strategy 2008/09 be approved.


(c)        Grant Funded Budgets (Minute No 45/08)


The Democratic Services Manager drew Members’ attention to Appendix A to this report which had been tabled.




(1)       the grants offered, listed at Appendix A of the report, be accepted; and


(2)               the additional budget to deliver the schemes be approved.


(d)       Pension Provision within ARP Trading Ltd (Minute No 46/08)


RESOLVED that options 4.2 and 4.3 of the report be approved and that authority be given to the relevant officers to seal the guarantee required by the Norfolk County Council scheme.


(e)       Breckland Sustainable Community Strategy (Minute No 48/08)


RESOLVED that the Sustainable Community Strategy for Breckland be adopted.


(f)         Norfolk Citizens’ Panel (Minute No 49/08)


The Executive Member for Environment congratulated officers on their speedy response to problems and told Members that Breckland was hoping to enter a joint arrangement with other authorities to improve service.


(g)       Annual Delivery Plans 2008/2009 (Minute No 50/08)


The Chairman pointed out that the Overview and Scrutiny Commission had made similar recommendations on the Annual Delivery and Business Plans.


RESOLVED that the Annual Delivery Plan be approved.


(h)        Business Plan 2004-2010 (Minute No 51/08)


RESOLVED that the Business Plan 2008-2014 be approved.


(i)         Adoption,


RESOLVED that subject to the resolution at (a) above, the unconfirmed minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 18 March 2008 be adopted.


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