Agenda item

Task and Finish Groups (Agenda Item 8)

To receive a verbal update from the Chairmen of the four Transformation Task & Finish Groups.



The Chairman noted that it was four months since the process had started. The Commission should receive formal reports at regular intervals.  He therefore requested a written report for the next meeting.  In the meantime, each Task & Finish Group (T&FG) Chairman was invited to give a verbal progress report and to flag any issues.


Councillor Stasiak (Chairman – Commercialisation T&FG) said they were getting on well.  At their last meeting they had discussed Breckland Training Services; looked at how Council contracts could be let to Breckland organisations - ensuring Best Value whilst increasing opportunities for SMEs to bid for contracts;  income generation from the Brown Bin service; and identifying land for starter homes.

The Chairman referred to the list of projects provided by the Executive Director Commercialisation and noted that a lot had no income identified, including nothing from the 2016-17 Commercial Asset Review.


Councillor Stasiak explained that they had not looked at that yet.  Some stock was quite old and there could be a huge expense associated with asbestos problems.  That would be looked at in the future along with opportunities to add to the portfolio.


The Chairman said that Breckland Bridge had the necessary expertise, and access to the Council’s land, to identify opportunities.  He suggested that the T&FG should engage with them.

The Deputy Leader & Executive Member for People & Information agreed and said that she would ask the Chairman of the Breckland Bridge Board if Councillor Stasiak could attend a meeting.


Councillor Jermy (Chairman – Digitalisation T&FG) said they had discussed the website at their recent meeting and spoken about self-service booths.  The new Digital and Customer Access Manager had been present and he had a good commercial sector background.  At the next meeting they would discuss Breckland’s approach to Social Media and Customer Contact Centre trends.


The Chairman noted that there was a lot of out-of-date content on the Biz (Intranet) and the Outlook contact list was also very out of date. 


Councillor Jermy advised that there was a website content review underway.


The Deputy Leader & Executive Member for People & Information asked Members to look at their e-mails as they were being invited to take part in trials and she hoped they would participate.  She agreed about the out-of-date information list and said it had been discussed by the Executive Management Team.  She would find out what progress was being made.


Councillor Matthews (Chairman – Aligning Public Services T&FG) said they would be holding their second meeting next week.  The building work on the Reception area was going ahead and at their next meeting they would be discussing the Dereham Early Intervention Hub with a representative from NCC.


The Chairman said that amendments had been made to the plans for DWP.  The Reception would be a combined area and it was now a good use of Council space.


Councillor S Chapman-Allen (Chairman – Organisational Design T&FG) had postponed the meeting due to be held yesterday as he had not received sufficient information.  He had discussed the issues with the Executive Director Strategy & Governance.  At the next meeting they would be reviewing all the projects, as they had ‘slipped’ by some months.


The Chairman said there was a lot happening in the Council and Members relied on Officers to provide sufficient information in good time for meetings. 


Councillor R Richmond had raised a question about parking for HGVs but had not yet received a response.  He had some concerns about potentially increased repair bills for Council car parks due to the lack of suitable safe parking areas.