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Land at Denny's Walk, Narborough (Agenda Item 10)

Report of the Executive Member for Place.


The Executive Member for Place presented the report and informed Members that Flagship had approached the Authority with a proposal to redevelop the site; replacing the existing units with 33 properties, 31 of which would be affordable homes. 


In order for the development to continue, Flagship had requested the release of restrictive covenants. 


The District Valuer originally provided a figure of £50,000 but following changes this had been revised down to £26,000 based on Flagships proposals.  Flagship were unable to proceed for more than £1 in order to obtain funding for the redevelopment.


Breckland needed housing to be built and it was recommended that the council waiver the £26,000.


Councillor Dimoglou said it was a good proposal and the Council would receive new Homes Bonus and the properties would be included in the Council Tax base in the future.


Councillor Bambridge approved of the proposal but asked if there would be other forms of affordable housing.


The Executive Director for Place said that there would be two Private houses and the remaining would be social housing.  The makeup and style of the application had been to the recent Planning Committee where it was approved subject to conditions.



1.    Release the relevant Restrictive Covenants contained in the Conveyances for 8 and 12 Denny’s Way, Narborough for £1 and impose new covenants requiring the land be used for affordable housing.  In taking this option the Council foregoes £26,000 in exchange for the wider regeneration and housing supply benefits that are created in that area. 


2.    Release the relevant restrictive covenants for £26,000.  This option would significantly limit the willingness of the Homes and Communities Agency to directly invest new grant funding into the scheme, and therefore call into question both the financial viability and local authority support for the scheme


3.    Do nothing.



The following reasons support Option 1:


  • Enable the provision of 33 new homes, 31 of which are much needed affordable housing units.  Flagship has confirmed that 4 of the affordable homes will be direct lets to Flagship customers already living in existing properties that are to be redeveloped and the remaining 27 affordable homes will be allocated through people on the Breckland Council housing waiting list.  Flagship has confirmed that they are unable to pay anything more than £1 to release the covenants, due to the nature of the Homes and Communities grant funding regime for new affordable housing.


  • This will allow the re-development of an area in Narborough (subject to planning permission) and makes better use of sites.


  • Provision of energy efficient housing.


  • Enables development of two new private residential units.


  • There are currently approximately ,3 3000 households across the entire waiting list for Breckland with approximately 550 households in the priority bands of Gold and Silver (being those in most need of re-housing).  Apprximately 2400 of those households have expressed a wish to reside in Narborough.


  • An increase in Council Tax revenue and potential New Homes Bonus to support further development of this nature.



1.    The release of the relevant Restrictive Covenants contained in the Conveyances for 8 and 12 Denny’s Walk, Narborough, for £1 be approved;

2.    New covenants be imposed requiring the land to be used for affordable housing. 

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