Agenda item

Application for the grant of a new Premises Licence under The Licensing Act 2003 - Watton Sports Association, Dereham Road, Watton, Norfolk, IP25 6EZ.


A site visit was conducted prior to the Hearing.  All were invited to attend.


The Hearing was conducted in accordance with the procedure as set out in the Agenda.


The following persons were in attendance:


Premises Licence Holder and Witnesses:


Mrs L Savage, Mr K C Jones, C Bayley, D Savage, A Painton, J Smith, A Childerhouse and E Blackwood.




J Bean, S Hales, J Hookham, T Skinner, Mr & Mrs J Coughlan, Mr & Mrs, R Mikulik, Mr & Mrs T Langley, B Brannan, P Barrell, S Blain and M Poole.



That having considered all the oral and written evidence submitted and having given consideration to the Licensing Act 2003 and its regulations, the national guidance, paragraph 8.14 of March 2015 and the Council’s licensing policy as appropriate to this application, the application be granted subject to the amendments made by the applicant, (Boxes G & H), the external timings until 2300hrs, for a premises licence for the premises known as Watton Sports Association, Dereham Road, Watton to operate during the following hours that is:

  • Monday to Thursday 7am until 2400hrs
  • Friday/Saturday 7am until 2am the following day
  • Sunday 7am until 2400hrs

Subject to the mandatory conditions drawn from the Licensing Act, and the following conditions:

1)      incident and refusals book to be kept, to be provided to Police and Breckland Council on request;

2)     CCTV to be held for a minimum 28 days and will be provided to Police and Breckland Council on request;

3)     Gallery Bar windows and exterior doors to be closed when live and/or recorded music is being played in the Gallery Bar;

4)     noise measurements will be taken including at locations close to noise sensitive premises on the south, south west and eastern boundaries;

5)     the car park will be closely monitored post 2300hrs via CCTV until closing hours of premises and any incident of crime or antisocial behaviour will be recorded in the incident book and appropriate action is to be taken if crime or antisocial behaviour is seen.


Reasons for the Decision


·        The Council has considered the views of the Police and Breckland Council’s Environmental Health Department

·        The Police have not made an objection, the Environmental Health Department have not made an objection following agreement to their proposed conditions

·        The Committee has considered the operating schedule  for example, challenge 25 and have noted that this is a Members Club rather than being open to the general public

·         Residents’ concerns in summary relate to noise from the premises and noise and antisocial behaviour from the public.  The Committee believes that the proposed hours, the control of noise levels and the care to be taken in respect of antisocial behaviour arising from the car park should address these concerns

·        The limited extension of licensing hours should enable this valued community resource to strengthen its financial position whilst safeguarding the interests of the public who live locally but the Committee accepts that this is a compromise.


The Chairman advised all parties present of the right to Appeal.


Supporting documents: