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Cabinet Minutes: 3 December 2007 (Agenda item 5)

Confirmed Minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 3 December 2007.


a)            Breckland Core Strategy and Development Control Policies Development Plan Document (DPD) – Preferred Policy Options Consultation (Minute No. 147/07)


The Executive Member for Planning confirmed that the consultation period would run for a minimum period of six weeks.  The results would be reported back to Members in due course and a final document would be submitted to the Government later in 2008. 


All Parish and Town Councils, public and stakeholders would be issued with a copy of the aforementioned document as well as a CD Rom, and the consultation process would be from 28 January to March 2008.  All parties who had an interest in the Local Development Framework would also be notified.


An on-line version would become interactive on 28 January for people to make comments and put their views forward electronically.


To accompany the launch of the Strategy document, meetings had been arranged and the local Press would be informed of all the consultation dates.


Cllr Lamb drew attention to paragraph seven on page 13 of the Minutes and on page 18 of the Cabinet Appendix which referred to infrastructure.  The appendix that had accompanied the report contained a summary of comments and recommended changes to the Document.  Cllr Lamb was aware that the District’s existing infrastructure was incapable of meeting its developments needs and he asked for assurance from the Council not to agree to the amount of proposed housing stock before the infrastructure could be secured.  In relation to the aforementioned point, the Environmental Planning Manager stated that the life of the Development Plan had been extended from 2021 to 2026; therefore, it was important to identify what infrastructure was needed now before any major further development came forward.


It was agreed that the response section under Core Policy 4 of the appendix – timing of infrastructure in new developments, the word “not” would be removed from the following sentence as it was considered to be a double negative: “In practical terms this would mean that it is unlikely development could not be granted planning permission…..”.


On page 24, Core Policy 3 – jobs figures, Cllr Lamb was concerned about the number of jobs in Thetford being limited to 5,000 when 6,000 new dwellings had been proposed.  He felt that all the aforementioned matters were linked to infrastructure and that there had not been enough emphasis on the “grand plan” for the future.


The Executive Member for Planning reminded Members that these policies would be going forward through the LDF process and that all comments would be taken to each Parish for consultation.


Another concern raised was the lack of control that the Council now had on small extensions to private dwellings particularly with regard to design issues.


In relation to all the above matters, the Chief Executive advised that this Authority was unique in its development of the LDF and he would ensure that this Council would end up with a comprehensive solution.


The Chairman of Development Control Committee wished to point out that her comments on page 27 of the appendix which referred to amending the design policy to include reference to “traditional Norfolk roofs” was intended to save the ones that were left.


b)            Adoption


RESOLVED that the confirmed Minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 3 December 2007 be adopted.


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