Agenda item

Task & Finish Group (Agenda Item 8)

To receive an update from the Chairman of the Watton Medical Practice Task & Finish Group.



Councillor Kybird updated Members on the work of the Watton Medical Practice Task & Finish Group (T&FG).


The Norfolk Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee had issued a briefing note which included information on the 1500 patients de-registered by Watton Medical Practice.  He would be attending their next meeting but that issue was not on the agenda.  If the Chairman allowed it he would speak to the Committee about the collection of evidence.


A Newsletter issued by the Watton Medical Practice had been brought to his attention by Councillor Bowes.  She had raised concerns that it was overtly political and its content had not been substantiated.  Councillor Kybird suggested that the matter should be taken up by the local MP.  He would try to get it put on the NHOSC agenda for the next meeting.


Councillor Matthews advised the Commission that one of the GP surgeries in Swaffham had purchased additional land for an extension but the NHS had said no to their proposals.  The surgery had received extra patients from Watton and that had not been considered.


The Chairman thought that there was more health scrutiny work to do.  He suggested that guidelines and parameters should be set and a plan drawn up for the T&FG to continue working.  The surgeries that had received additional patients from the Watton de-registration should be contacted and asked if they were being supported. 


From the work already done it was clear that prescribing practices were in a better position than non-prescribing practices and the reasons behind that needed to be understood.

The Deputy Leader advised that the matter remained on the Health & Wellbeing Board agenda.  Her own local surgery in Shipdham was working with other Practice Managers to project ahead for patient numbers from housing growth.  They also had a strong patient participation group.


Councillor Armes had received a full report from her local Patient’s Group and Watton had been discussed at their meeting.  She would forward a copy of the report to Councillor Kybird for information.


Councillor Byrne was concerned that access to information might be restricted due to confidentiality issues.


The Chairman agreed that they needed to know all the facts to get evidence to pass on and up.  The T&FG had gone Below the Line to discuss confidential information which had given them a greater understanding of the effects of the de-registration and the issues it had raised.


Councillor C Carter had received feedback from his residents.  They were very pleased that the Council was following up on their concerns.


Councillor Kybird advised that there was an item on the NHOSC agenda concerning the Joint Commissioning of GP Services.  The problem was that there could be a conflict of interest as the Commissioning body was made up of GPs.  He thought that might be an item for NHOSC to look at.


The Chairman was aware that GPs received extra money to put people on Statins.  Doctors were paid to do things that patients did not know about.  They were paid to be a prescribing practice which led to other issues about the prescribing of drugs, including antibiotics.  There were many real concerns that needed to be scrutinised.


He thanked the Chairman of the T&FG for his update.