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Breckland Community Funding Applications - Grant Panel Report, October - December 2013 (Agenda item 7)

Report of Lynda Turner, Executive Member for Community & Environmental Services.


The Deputy Leader presented the report and summarised the funding recommendations that had been made by the Grant Panel during October – December 2013, particularly in relation to the Match Funding application for Enterprise Norfolk.


Members were informed that Enterprise Norfolk provided advice and guidance to people who wanted to start their own business.  It was noted that in Year 1 of the Programme 31 new businesses had been formed.  The Executive Member for Assets & Strategic Development explained that out of the 31 businesses, 30 had been in the Breckland district.    He highlighted the fact that Norfolk County Council would be contributing £35,000 (70%) to the project subject to the Breckland Match Funding contribution of £15,000 which represented 30% of the total project cost.


The Executive Member for Corporate Services and Quality Assurance thanked the Deputy Leader and her Portfolio for the Match Funding monies that had enabled a Village sign to be installed in Little Ellingham.  He said that all these were good news stories and should be highlighted in all District Councillors reports.


Councillor Bambridge concurred with the above views and pointed out that he had discussed such funding at his Parish meetings.


Councillor Borrett felt that the scheme demonstrated huge benefits for the amount of money invested.


The Executive Member for Communications, Organisational Performance, Development and Public Protection mentioned the two projects for Swaffham that had been awarded funding from the Pride Grant.  He said that both had been driven by the community for the community.  Councillor Williams, in his capacity as Chairman of Iceni Swaffham, stated that the funding had been valued and in relation to Enterprise Norfolk he felt that the programme had been very well designed.


Councillor Joel revealed that the funding awarded to various projects in the two parishes within his Ward had generated a greater worth of activities.


The Deputy Leader stated that even though some applications were refused, the Officers involved endeavoured to assist and on most occasions alternative solutions could be offered.


The Executive Member for Finance and Democratic Services felt that the Officers should be thanked as they were always extremely helpful.




a)     To approve the Match Funding application for Enterprise Norfolk.


b)     To decline the Match Funding application for Enterprise Norfolk.




The Grant Panel had recommended approval for Enterprise Norfolk based on the following reasons:


  • Year 1 of the project was a proven success
  • The project met two of the Council’s objectives
  • All other funding was in place
  • The Breckland area would lose £35,000 of funding if the application was declined
  • Breckland Council aimed to support start up businesses in the district


RESOLVED that the Revenue Match Funding application of £15,000 towards the Year 2 Enterprise Norfolk programme in Breckland be approved, subject to:


a)     a maximum sum of £15,000 or 30% whichever is the lower from the Revenue Match Funding budget;


b)     confirmation that all other funding was in place prior to release of any funding; and


c)      any other conditions arising from Member comments on Sharepoint.

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