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Schedule of Planning Applications

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications:


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RESOLVED that the applications be determined as follows :


(a)       Item 1 : Roudham/Larling & Bridgham: Change of use of buildings 6 & 11 from agricultural use to B8 storage (retrospective) : Applicant : Paul Rackham Ltd : Reference : 3PL/2012/0450/CU


(Cllr Bambridge was not present for the item).


The application sought retrospective planning permission for the change of use of two units (units 6 and 11) from agriculture to B8 storage outside the Settlement Boundary and was recommended for approval.


Mr Cunnane, Agent, advised that the buildings were redundant for agricultural purposes, and were sustainable for reuse, have regard for sustainability principles and an economic resource.  Employees on site were good for the local community.  There was no environmental impact.  The proposal complied with Breckland’s Core Strategy and the NPPF.  There was no proposal to store chicken litter.


Mr Germany, Foulger Transport, stated that only shop fittings were stored at Camp Farm.


Mrs Jolly, Ward Representative, stated that she owned land bordering the site.  She said that there had been a long history of “creeping” development, and some buildings currently had unauthorised use.  A farm was still there.  She advised of up to 50 HGV deliveries daily.  The exit/entrance was narrow.  There were no road signs in place as per the routing agreement.


One Member agreed with the comments made by Bridgham Parish Council, in that the area should not become an industrial estate by stealth.  It had been the subject of enforcement for many years.  He would not agree to any further erosion of the original granting of permission. 


Members were advised by the Planning Manager as well as the Solicitor and Standards Consultant.


RESOLVED, that the application be deferred and the Officers be authorised to approve it as recommended, on completion of the legal agreement.


(b)       Item 2 : Watton : Erection of 33 new dwellings with associated roads, landscaping & infrastructure (second phase of Abel Homes ‘Hus46’) : Applicant : Abel Homes Ltd : Reference : 3PL/2012/0521/F


Cllr C Bowes declared for purposes of transparency, that she knew the applicant.



Full planning permission was sought to construct 33 new dwellings with associated roads, landscaping and infrastructure on land off Norwich Road, Watton.  It included 5 affordable units which were single storey (and not as presented in the report) and constituted the second phase of the development.  Approval was recommended subject to conditions and a Section 106 Agreement relating to the provision of open space, affordable housing and contributions to schools and library services.


RESOLVED, that the application be deferred and the Officers be authorised to approve it as recommended, on completion of the legal agreement.


(c)        Item 3 : Swaffham : Demolish buildings & erect 16 flats, works to boundary walls to widen/improve access and associated works : Applicant : Norfolk County Council : Reference : 3PL/2012/0527/F


(Cllr Bambridge was not present for the item).


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) presented the report, which sought full planning permission to provide 16 flats (6 one bed flats and 10 two bed flats) in two storey buildings.  Access to the site would be created off Lynn Street/Market Place whilst a pedestrian link would be provided from Whitsands Road   As the proposal accorded with relevant policies of the Development Plan it was recommended for approval.


Mrs Matthews, Ward Representative, expanded on the comments made by Swaffham Town Council.  The proposed access was in the wrong place, as it was a dangerous site with pedestrians.  Whilst visibility was not a problem the position of access was, and she provided a plan of the area for the benefit of Members.  She advised of the amount of traffic flow she had recently witnessed on the busy junction within a one hour period.


Cllr Sharpe who represented Swaffham along with Mrs Matthews, agreed that the proposed access entrance/exit was extremely dangerous, as confirmed by another Member of the Committee.


A Councillor was concerned that public car parks would be relied upon to support residential car parking with regard to any additional parking required, above the 16 parking spaces on site.


The Senior Planner advised Members of the highway conditions proposed.


Given the concerns expressed by Members and further clarification required with regard to access and pedestrians, it was proposed and seconded that NCC Highways re-visit the application and the comments of Swaffham Town Council be taken into account, along with the amount of vehicular movements witnessed by the Ward Representative.


RESOLVED, to defer the application to allow NCC Highways to take a more detailed look at the proposal and to provide more defined reasons why they believed it was safe to have all accesses converging.


(d)       Item 4 : Swaffham : Demolish buildings & erect 16 flats, works to boundary walls to widen/improve access & associated works : Applicant : Norfolk County Council : Reference : 3PL/2012/0528/CA


Conservation Area consent was sought to demolish two buildings on site and would also involve the removal of the temporary building close to the proposed accessway.  Works would involve demolition of part of a wall close to Lynn Street/Market Place to provide adequate access.  The wall was Listed and would also be regulated by a separate Listed Building Consent application.  The application involved the removal of a small section of wall adjacent to Whitsands Road to provide a pedestrian link.  Conservation Area Consent was recommended.


RESOLVED, to defer the application to allow NCC Highways to take a more detailed look at the proposal and to provide more defined reasons why they believed it was safe to have all accesses converging.


(e)       Item 5 : Thompson : Construction of two bedroom bungalow including landscaping and parking : Applicant : Breckland District Council : Reference : 3PL/2012/0547/F


The proposal sought full planning permission for the erection of a two bedroom bungalow and new vehicular access off the existing cul de sac which would provide 2 spaces to the rear of the proposed property on land adjacent to Toms Haven (not Tom Haven as noted in the report).  As the proposal was considered to accord with policy it was recommended for approval.


Thompson Parish Council had no objection in principle to building an affordable property on the site, but they did not support the project as presented.


Members did not like the design of the proposed bungalow both internally and externally, and given the site was quite a prominent position, it was proposed and seconded that the application be deferred.  Members asked that any resubmission came through the Planning Committee for consideration.


RESOLVED, to defer the application to allow the applicant to submit a proposal that was of better design.


(f)         Item 6 : Whinburgh/Westfield : Erection of detached dwelling with garage & new access : Applicant : Mr & Mrs R W Key : Reference : 3PL/2012/0579/F


            (Cllr Bambridge was not present for the item).


Members had received correspondence about the proposal.


The Principal Planning Officer presented the report which was for the erection of a detached, two-storey dwelling and detached garage and included the creation of a new access way to the site outside the Settlement Boundary.  It was explained that since the previous application was presented to the Planning Committee on 8 August 2011 (Ref : 3PL/2011/0616/F) the Settlement Boundary for Whinburgh/Westfield had been removed as part of the adopted Site Specifics DPD process.  The application was recommended for refusal because of the proposed location of the dwelling outside of the Settlement Boundary.  A letter of support had been received from a neighbour.


Mrs Kingsland, Parish Council, gave a summary of the correspondence sent to Members.  The application was the last in a series of similar applications by the developer.  She questioned what the benefit would be to villagers by granting permission for the proposal which would be another dwelling in the countryside without significant justification.  She asked that Members consider the impact the proposal would have on the small village and the criteria by which the application should be judged.


Mr Key, Applicant, gave a brief history of the land and stated that the gap had not been created, but was an obvious infill site. He had done as much as he could to help neighbours by clearing and improving ditches.


            Refused, as recommended.


(g)       Item 7 : Dereham : Proposed alterations and extensions to cottage together with cart shed style garage : Applicant : Mr & Mrs D Smith : Reference : 3PL/2012/0623/F


An extension to form a lobby, utility, wc/shower room and conservatory at ground floor level with a bedroom/en-suite and bathroom above was proposed.  A detached open fronted cart shed style garage was also proposed which would replace an existing garage constructed of corrugated sheeting.  Given that the design and appearance of the extension and garage were considered to be acceptable and there would be no adverse impact upon residential amenity, the scheme was recommended for approval.


            Approved, as recommended.

(h)        Item 8 : Yaxham : Change of use of office, laundry, store room and foyer into a 2 storey dwelling with ground floor extension : Applicant : Mr Ray Newton : Reference : 3PL/2012/0627/F


It was noted that Cllr Robinson had attended a meeting with the Executive Member for Localism, Community & Environmental Services.


The application sought full planning permission, outside the Settlement Boundary, for the change of use of an existing office, laundry room, storeroom and foyer into a two-storey dwelling, along with a two-storey extension to the existing accommodation block to provide a new dwelling for an employee’s parents to help provide assistance with the running of the Yaxham Mill bed and breakfast operation. Reasons for refusal were as listed in the report.


Mr Newton, Applicant, explained that the business could not support external staffing costs, it required a family presence on site at all times, and could not be satisfied by family residing in the local village.  He made reference to various paragraphs within the NPPF and for planners to be flexible in their decision making.  He advised why the office, laundry and store room were no longer required.  There were no plans for any  further accommodation expansion on site. 


Mrs Turner, Ward Representative, explained she was in attendance on behalf of Cllr C Jordan who supported the application which would help a local business thrive and made reference to a section within the NPPF which encouraged sustainable growth in rural areas.  It was a re-use of an existing site and would sit on the same footprint with a small extension.  Raising the roof would take it inline with the existing roof line.  The Mill would not be altered or lose its visual impact.  Car park spaces were already on site.


The recommendation for refusal was not supported.


The Planning Manager brought attention to the Planning Policy Note included in the Agenda and the Solicitor and Standards Consultant asked for clarification of the reasons why Members did not support refusal.


Reasons for approval were given that it was a small business within the area which should be supported. There were already vehicular movements on site, and the proposal would make minimal difference. It was a business and dwelling on a commercial site.


RESOLVED, that contrary to the recommendation of Officers, the application be approved.





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Mr Green, Agent

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Mrs Turner, Ward Representative


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