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Schedule of Planning Applications

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications :

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A C Williamson & Son




Baker Nisbet Ltd




Mr Derek Burdett

Stow Bedon/Breckles



Mr & Mrs S Bailey




Mr & Mrs Aslett




Dr Richard Lindner

Old Buckenham



Mrs Wiebke Clarke

Old Buckenham



Roger Warnes Transport Ltd

Great Dunham



Mr B Meen





RESOLVED that the application be determined as follows :-


(a)       Item 1 : Shipdham : Land adjacent 58 Parklands Avenue : Proposed erection of single dwelling with integrated cart lodge for A C Williamson & Son : Reference : 3PL/2010/1358F


The application sought full planning permission for the erection of a two storey detached dwelling with a car port, office and store.  The proposal also included a new gravelled access off Parkland Avenue.  The site was situated within the Settlement Boundary.


Anglian Water had responded since the report was published and had raised no objection subject to condition.


Four representations had been received from local residents with regard to drainage and sewerage capability, the development being out of character and the need to retain the footway.


Environmental Health had advised that problems during the period 2001-2004 were, as far as they were aware, as a result of a problem with Anglian Water and a sewer run, which had now been addressed, and for the last six years Environmental Health had received no complaints.


The Ward Representative stated the building was too large, it was cramped, the site had poor drainage history and the building would exacerbate the existing poor drainage situation.


Anglian Water had considered there was capacity for foul water, but required a condition for surface water and to demonstrate against 100 years flooding.  Run-off from the site was expected to be no greater than it currently was.


It was considered that the gravel driveway could lead to noise and disturbance, so an alternative porous surface might need to be considered.


Mr Turner, Objector, who lived at No. 52 Parklands had strong objections as the area lied directly across the Anglian Water sewerage network.  Anglian Water had repeatedly been called out to unblock the system.  Sewerage built up in gardens and on the foot path, raw sewerage had been seen in a local stream and on land within the last few years.


Mr Pick, Objector, who resided at No. 49 Parklands, stated that the main and land pipeline discharged surface water into the local water course and would add a serious public health risk.  His garden and the foot path had had human effluent on them.


Mr Hewett, Ward Representative, requested a site visit as he believed the plan did not fit as the scales were wrong for a 3 bedroom house.  He considered that drawings were misleading in terms of content.  Whilst Anglian Water had stated there had been no complaints, Mr Picks had a list which detailed 40 occasions since 2002, 21 of which had been over the last 5 years, where Anglian Water had been called out.


A Member of the Committee asked for the application to be deferred to allow a site visit to be undertaken and for the site to be measured along with the size of the house.


Deferred, on the grounds that further information was required in respect of :-


            1)         site measurements

2)         the house footprint to be pegged out

3)         Mr Pick to provide Officers with details of all the occurrences when Anglian Water had been called out

4)         roadway treatment

5)         Anglian Water to provide further information with regard to sewerage


(b)       Item 2 : Thetford : Brickfield Way, Fison Way Ind. Estate : Unit factory development for Baker Nisbet Ltd : Reference : 3PL/2011/0090/F


The application sought full planning permission for the erection of 11 industrial units and associated on-site parking on a parcel of vacant land at Brickfield Way, and was a resubmission of an application approved in 2007.  The site was within the Settlement Boundary.


No issues or concerns had been received since the report had been compiled.


The proposed units would be for general industrial use, and in answer to a question raised as to whether any would be used for retail, the Principal Planning Officer advised that they could be used for B2 use, but not retail.


Approved, as recommended.


(c)        Item 3 : Stow Bedon/Breckles : Mere House, Mere Road : Erection of fence on East & West boundaries for Mr Derek Burdett : Reference : 3PL/2011/0157/F


            The proposal sought part retrospective permission for the erection of a 2.5m close boarded fence along the eastern and western boundaries of the property.  The fence along the eastern boundary had been erected.  The fence along the western boundary would be positioned behind the hedge to the rear of the highway verge.  There was a change of levels between the highway and the site along that boundary varying between 2m-0.5m).


An application for the erection of a fence along the highway boundary with Mere Road had previously been refused and enforcement action was being pursued in respect of the remaining posts. The applicant had stated that he would remove the posts once the outcome of the current application was known.


The applicant had agreed to amend the proposal and reduce the height of the proposed fence on the western boundary to 2m at either end of the fence line as a result of local concern, but wished to keep the middle section at 2.5m in height to provide a degree of privacy.  The first 27m from the north facing south would be 2m in height. 


A 2.5m fence between the two residential curtilages was considered acceptable in the location and would have minimal impact on the amenity of the neighbours or the area.  The proposal was considered acceptable and in accordance with policy, subject to the fence being stained an appropriate brown colour, and was recommended for approval.


Stow Bedon & Breckles Parish Council had objected but Caston Parish Council had not.  Letters of concern had been received from the Ward Representative and a local resident due to the harm to the local character, the appearance of an industrial area and a precedent would be created.


Mr Mills, Chairman of Stow Bedon & Breckles Parish Council, advised that the application had been refused by the Council on two occasions. It was felt it would give an industrial or commercial look to the entrance to the village of Stow Bedon.  There was a natural screen of hedges and the application to erect a close-boarded fence was wholly inappropriate.


Mr Burdett, Applicant, advised that he had written to the Council to advise them that the posts would be removed on the south boundary.  Whilst in the summer the hedge gave reasonable cover, through the winter when the hedges died off, views could clearly been seen through.  Shrubs could be planted in front of the fence looking at it from Mere Road.  The applicant lived in a mobile home behind the warehouse.


Mr Cowen, Ward Representative, felt the height was of concern and there were strong grounds that it was inappropriate in the location.  There was a well developed hedge line.


As an entrance to Stow Bedon, it was felt that a fence at 2.5m from Mere Road would look industrial and intrusive.


Refused, contrary to recommendation, on the grounds that the fence would be too intensive, would be of an unsuitable height and would impact on the landscape.


(d)       Item 4 : Gressenhall : Fiveways, The Green : Erection of extensions to bungalow and outbuilding including demolition of existing porch for Mr & Mrs S Bailey : Reference : 3PL/2011/0184/F


            Approved, as recommended.


(e)       Item 5 : Yaxham : Hamiltons Bar & Bistro aka The Lord Nelson Public House : Change of use of bar/restaurant to part residential use and part dentist surgery, for Mr & Mrs Aslett : Reference : 3PL.2011/0195/F


            The application sought full planning permission to change the use of the Lord Nelson Public House (Class A4) on Norwich Road, Yaxham, to a residential dwelling (Class C3) and a dentist surgery (Class D1).  The site was located within two separate settlement boundaries.  The public house ceased trading in late 2009. 


Planning permission was sought to change the use of the public house to part residential/part dentist surgery in 2010 (ref : 3PL/2010/0664/F).  The dentist surgery was proposed within a small element of the ground floor (38 sqm approximately).  The application was refused under delegated powers on 6 October, 2010 on the grounds of the loss of a key community facility.  The area of the current proposed dentist surgery had been increased to 59 sqm.


The public house had not been actively marketed, valuations had proved very low and it had previously been a loss making enterprise. 


Whilst a dentist surgery (D1 use) would provide a new community facility within the hamlet, Policy DC18 stated that such facilities outside local service village centres would only be permitted where there was a proven local need, In this case, no need had been demonstrated.


            The application was considered contrary to PPS4 and Policy DC18 of the Breckland Core Strategy and was recommended for refusal.


Six letters had been received from residents with regard to the loss of the last public house in the settlement.


Mr Smith, Objector, was a local resident as well as a Development Officer with the Norfolk Rural Community Council.  Public houses were seen to be community assets and should be retained, and it was unacceptable that the community should lose another important asset.  No other public house existed in Clint Green.  There was no proven need for a dentist and no visible evidence the applicant had marketed the premises.  Reasons for objection still stood from previous applications.  The property conflicted with planning policies DC18 and PPS4.


Mrs Aslett, Applicant, advised that the premises had closed due to being no longer economically viable.  Permitted development rights already existed to change to A1, A2, and A3.  A3 had already occurred.  The Council had suggested a D1 dental use for the site.  A D1 dental use could support rural settlements and the proposal would do that.  Yaxham and Clint Green were one settlement.  Yaxham would retain a pub.  There was no need to carry out a marketing campaign.  She wanted planning permission to be granted to allow the village a new facility. 


Mr Jordan, Ward Representative, spoke on behalf of the Parish Council and advised that the Licensing trade ‘was on the floor’.  The Social Club offered discounted prices.


The Chairman was concerned that on the ground floor plans submitted, entry from the proposed dental surgery into the main building was blocked.  She asked the applicant, why when the public house shut in 2009, had no marketing been undertaken from 2009 – 2011. The Applicant replied that the doors were not blocked and that no marketing had to be carried out. The Principal Planning Officer advised that there had been discussions on the potential dental use in terms of whether the building proved to be viable or not.


It was felt by some Members that the application could not be considered because it had not been marketed.  The public house sign should be re-erected, and it should be marketed at a reasonable valuation.  It was felt that it may be worth the applicant contacting Mr Smith from the Rural Development Council.


Refused, as recommended.


(f)         Item 6 : Old Buckenham : Crown Lane Cottage, Crown Road : Installation of two small wind generators for Dr Richard Lindner : Reference : 3PL/2011/0217/F


            The application sought full planning permission for the erection of 2 small wind generators.  The turbines would be at 14.97m in height from the ground to the centre of the hub with three blades with a rotating diameter of 5.5m giving a full height of 17.6m from ground level to the tip of the blade.  The blades would be finished in dark squirrel grey on a galvanised metal tower with tripod support.  The site lies outside the Settlement Boundary.


            The proposed generator would be a source of renewable energy and, as such, was supported in principle, by Policy DC15.


            The turbines would be seen but their impact on the landscape was considered marginal given the photographs shown by the Principal Planning Officer.  The Countryside Officer said to date there was no significant evidence to warrant refusal.


            Dr Lindner, Applicant, advised that he had measured the wind for the last 18 months and wind speeds for the area had been well above those predicted. He had installed various eco-friendly systems, and wished to produce as much green energy as he could, excess energy would be exported to the grid.


            Mr Joel, Ward Representative, supported the recommendation but with a condition that the trees at Old Chapel Cottage were either given a TPO, or if they were removed, they should be replaced with mature trees.  His concerns related to the potential impact of the turbines on neighbouring amenity.


            The Chairman advised that Officers would look into the point raised by Mr Joel in respect of the trees.


            Approved, as recommended.


(g)       Item 7 : Old Buckenham : Tall Trees, New Buckenham Road : Installation of a small wind generator for Mrs Wiebke Clarke : Reference : 3PL/2011/0237/F


            The application related to the erection of a small wind generator to a height of 15m to the hub, comprising three blades, finished in dark squirrel grey, with a diameter of 5.5m set on a galvanised metal tower with tripod support.  The site lies outside the Settlement Boundary.


            The principle of such a wind generator as a source of renewable energy was supported by Policy DC15 of the Adopted Core Strategy.


            A photo-montage and indicative view was shown.  No objections to the scheme had been received.


            Mr Joel, Ward Representative, had visited the site and had no major objections, and the Parish Council supported the application.  He asked that the trees on the boundary be retained.


            Approved, as recommended.


(h)        Item 8 : Great Dunham : Garden plot adjacent Croft House, North Street : Removal of existing arcon building & erection of detached dwelling and garage for Roger Warnes Transport Ltd : Reference : 3PL/2011/0241/F


The application sought full planning permission for the provision of a detached, one and a half storey chalet with a detached double garage.  The dwelling would be for the Transport Manager in connection with the transport business based at Dunham Hall.  An existing arcon building used for storage would be demolished as part of the proposal and a new access would be created onto North Street to serve the site. The site was outside the settlement boundary.


The Parish Council and NCC Highways had not objected.  The Tree &  Countryside Officer had commented that the development would have a greater impact than that existing.  A letter had been received due to concerns of highway safety, was outside the settlement boundary and would create a precedent on North Street.


The application was recommended for refusal on the basis of a lack of functional need for a dwelling, outside the settlement boundary.


Mr Moulton, Agent, advised that the Manager needed to be available to attend to operational needs of the business out-of-hours.  The site was within the grounds of Croft House.  No alternative sites had been found at Dunham Hall. A condition would be accepted if the proposal was approved, that the dwelling be solely occupied by persons employed in connection with the transport business.


Mr Kiddle-Morris, Ward Rep, felt that the street would be enhanced by the addition of the proposed dwelling.


Approved, contrary to the recommendation, subject to a condition that the dwelling would be for an essential key worker and would be tied to the current business.


(i)         Item 9 : Dereham : 40 Swanton Drive : Replace flat roof of garage with pitched & extension to rear of garage to form utility/sun room for Mr B Meen : Reference : 3PL/2011/0259/F


            Approved, as recommended.


Notes to Schedule


Item No.



Mr Turner – Objector

Mr Pick – Objector

Mr Hewett – Ward Rep




Mr Mills – Parish Council

Mr Cowen – Ward Rep

Mr Burdett - Applicant


Mr Cutting - Agent


Mr Smith – Objector

Mrs Aslett – Applicant

Mr Jordan – Ward Rep


Mr Joel – Ward Rep

Dr Lindner – Applicant


Mr Joel – Ward Rep


Mr Moulton – Agent

Mr Kiddle-Morris – Ward Rep




Written Representations Taken Into Account


Reference No.

No. of Representations












The Principal Planning Officer would reply to Cllr Labouchere’s concern with

regard to an Enforcement item in Colkirk within the next few days.

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