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Match Funding Grant Panel - Round 4 (Agenda item 7)

Report of the Executive Member for the Communities and Benefits Portfolio (Adrian Stasiak).


The Assistant Director for Communications & Communities presented the report which asked Members to consider the Match Funding applications for Hardingham Village Hall and Billingford Village Hall, and to note the Match Funding applications that had been approved by Delegated Decisions, and the grants awarded under the Pride in Breckland, Activity, Access Arts and Gifted and Talented schemes.  He mentioned Declan Davis one of the successful applicants who was the fasted cycling time triallist for his age category in the country for 2010.  His bicycle had been assembled from spare equipment found in his Grandfather’s garage and the funding would be put towards a new one.


The Vice-Chairman had great pleasure introducing the 4th and final round of Match Funding for this financial year.  He was pleased with the wide range of applications presented and was constantly impressed with the applications received.  He knew that these grants provided unique opportunities for villages as they allowed projects to be obtained but was disappointed that this type of funding, due to the cuts, was being reduced or could altogether disappear.


With regard to the Hardingham and Billingford applications, the Executive Member for the Corporate Development and Performance Portfolio fully supported the enhancement of Halls for the viability of village life.  He was intrigued about the adult exercise equipment that Necton Rural Community Centre had applied for and asked what it consisted of and further asked if there were such facilities linked to Parkwood.  In response, Members were informed that this type of equipment was installed in an adult playground for more serious exercise and although an unproven facility there had been some evidence of support for such a facility in the village.  This type of unique external equipment was not available at any indoor leisure centre.  In response to a further question, it was noted that insurance liabilities would not lie with Breckland Council. 


The Executive Member also asked if the activity grant for ‘Embrace’, a project that was based within the Iceni Partnership, took up much of the Breckland Sports Development Officer’s time.  The Assistant Director of Communications & Communities advised that the Officer’s time would purely be to secure further future funding.  The Member could not understand why the Council still had such an Officer when it had outsourced its leisure facilities.  Members were informed that the Officer in question ran activities that were community focused year on year.   The Executive Member for Planning, Health & Housing pointed out that this post helped the Council to bolt onto Sports England.


The Executive Member for the Corporate Resources Portfolio was glad that this Match Funding round had covered such a broad range of applicants.


The Executive Member for the Economic & Commercial Portfolio fully supported the monies given to the Village Halls.  He reminded Members of the grant given to Gt Dunham in a previous Match Funding round and was pleased to announce the grand opening of the new Village Hall which was taking place on Saturday, 26 February 2011.



  • To approve individual Match Funding applications for the full amounts requested.


  • To award individual Match Funding applications at a lesser amount.


  • To reject individual Match Funding applications.




To meet the Council’s objectives.




1)           The Capital Match Funding application of £20,000 towards a £222,000 project to build and extension and help improve the kitchen and disabled facilities for Hardingham Village Hall be approved, subject to:


(a)         a maximum sum of £20,000 or 9% of the cost of the project whichever is the lower from the Capital Match Funding Reserve; and


(b)         confirmation that other funding sources were in place prior to release of any funding.


2)           The Revenue Match Funding application of £4,709 towards improvements to Billingford Village Hall be approved, subject to:


(a)         a maximum sum of £4,709 or 30% of the cost of the project whichever is the lower from the Revenue Match Funding budget; and


(b)         the balance of all other funding being confirmed.

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