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Deferred Applications (Agenda item 10)

To consider applications deferred at previous meetings including some, but not all, of those shown on the attached Schedule of Deferred Applications.


a)           Bawdeswell: Folland Court: Demolition of existing sheltered housing units and construction of 8 dwellings for rent and a post office: Reference 3PL/2007/0606/F


The following public speakers were in attendance for this item:


·        Mr Bambridge, Ward Representative

·        Mr Mallen, Parish Council

·        Mr Snape, Objector

·        Mrs Handford, for the Applicants

·        Mr Nourse, Agent

·        Mr Tracey, Norfolk County Council Highways Representative


The Senior Development Control Officer presented the details of the application which had been deferred from the meeting held on 11 June 2007 to enable an Officer from the Highway Authority to attend.


The Committee was informed that a subsequent meeting had been held between the applicant and the Parish Council where an agreement had been reached in support of the application.


Mr Mallen spoke in support of the application, adding that he had attended the Development Control Committee meeting in his capacity as a Bawdeswell Parish Councillor and not as a member of the Board of Peddars Way Housing Association.  He outlined the results of the meeting between the applicant and the Parish Council which had concluded that the revision of the proposals, to provide the open space and the post office, had been agreed.  Mr Mallen advised that he still had some reservations concerning the trees and parking issues but he did not want to delay the application any further now that an agreement had been reached.  He confirmed that the Parish Council was now unanimous that the proposal be approved.


Mr Snape advised that there was nothing wrong with the existing buildings that had been built solely for sheltered accommodation.  All the dwellings were in perfectly good condition except for the heating system being disconnected.


Mr Nourse confirmed that there was a housing need in Bawdeswell, and if approved, this development would be a positive contribution to the area.  The impact on the trees had been minimised and the dwellings were of a traditional design that would have no adverse impact on the character of the area.


Mrs Handford explained that local demand for the current facilities offered at Folland Court had diminished over the years; this had recently been proven by two bungalows on the site having to be re-let to people outside of the Breckland area. Mrs Handford pointed out that three trees out of 14 would have to be removed but would be replaced elsewhere.  She gave the reasons for not installing a new central heating boiler.


Mr Bambridge, the Ward Representative, spoke on behalf of the parishioners and advised that one of the main concerns was the inadequacy of the footpath leading from the site to the school.  He felt that moves should be made to install a footpath around the corner of Paradise Road prior to the scheme going ahead. A further concern raised was with regard to the Sweet Chestnut tree on the site which he asked to be retained.


Mr Tracey, the Norfolk County Council’s Highway Representative, advised that he was aware that Paradise Road was the primary link to the school; however, it was not possible to widen the footways as the road was inadequate.  There were alternatives that the developer could consider which included re-surfacing of the road, formalised flash kerbs, and enhanced pedestrian safety measures; Mr Tracey felt that the developer should meet those obligations.  He would also prefer to see more parking provision; however, the developer could choose his own parking requirements.


Following questions relating to the parking issues, highway issues and the post office building, the Development Services Manager advised that normally a scheme would be agreed in advance but in this instance it had not; therefore the matters should be discussed and not deferred again at this stage. A Member felt that the post office building should be discounted at this stage as there was no guarantee, in these uncertain times, that it would be allowed. In response, Members were informed that the post office building, if not required, could be converted into a small dwelling but would necessitate a further planning application.  The Committee further noted that Peddars Way Housing Association had received confirmation from the Post Office saying that it would be willing to move the branch office once from the site if the current facility in Bawdeswell happened to close. 


In conclusion, it was


RESOLVED that the application be approved as recommended in the report.


b)      Attleborough: Westholme, Station Road: Proposed residential development: Reference 3PL/2007/0246/F


The report concerned a planning application for the redevelopment of an existing residential property on Station Road, Attleborough.  The application had been due to be heard by the Development Control Committee on 11 June 2007 but was deferred in order to allow discussions to continue in relation to noise and design.


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) advised that a Noise Assessment report had been submitted.  The report acknowledged that current noise levels from traffic on Station Road and from the poultry processing plant opposite were relatively high and could be expected to raise a number of complaints.   Various measures were proposed to reduce noise levels, including acoustic screening to the balconies of the flats and acoustically attenuated ventilation systems.  The Committee noted that solar panels would be incorporated.


A model of the proposed flats was circulated.


In response to questions, Mr Cumming, the Applicant’s Agent, advised that the distance between the two buildings would be nine metres, the grounds floor flats would have small gardens and the row of leylandii hedge behind the site would be removed and replaced with suitable screening.


RESOLVED that the application be approved as recommended subject to conditions relating to materials, access, parking, cycle storage and ground investigation.


b)           Mileham: Coronation Grove, Litcham Road: Reference 3PL/2007/0318/F


See Minute No. 105/07 above.


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