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Bradenham: Hale Road: Proposed Residential Development for Clayland Estates: Reference: 3PL/2010/0928/F (Agenda Item 11)

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive.



Councillor Bowes and Mr Labouchere declared a personal interest in this item.


Members were reminded that a previous application for 14 dwellings on the site had been refused for policy reasons.  This application was for six bungalows and five houses built to Code Level 3.  One of the bungalows would be adapted to full special needs standard and there would be a further four affordable units.


The Parish Council and Highways Authority had raised objection to the proposal which was strongly supported by the Council’s Housing Officer due to the acknowledged need for affordable housing in the village.


There was also a strong objection from the Planning Policy Officer.  The proposal would be a departure from the Core Strategy and a scheme of this size was not considered acceptable due to the lack of facilities in the village.


The main issues were National and Local Policies and the relationship of the new dwellings to existing.  Officers felt that the issues were finely balanced.


Mr Allhusen, Chairman of the Parish Council, said that they were aware of the need for affordable housing but there were no shops, school, public houses or streetlights in the village and occupants of the scheme would have to use cars.  To allow 11 dwellings would be against all policies.  Other concerns were highway safety, overlooking and sewerage/drainage issues.


Mr Tilley, applicant, said that the previous scheme had been revised to address issues.  They had reduced the scale and changed the layout.  Foul and surface water issues had been resolved.  The affordable housing was seamless with the open market housing.  The scheme was deliverable and sustainable.


Members discussed the breach of policies, the lack of facilities and the need to give weight to local opinion.


The Principal Housing Officer (Strategy and Enabling) was asked to comment and she explained that in the changing economic climate this would be a development at no cost to the Council, providing affordable housing.  The market housing element of the scheme was what made it possible and such development was not against Government Policy.  The housing would be for people with a local connection.


The Chairman agreed that it was a finely balanced issue, as there was not a large supply of land for housing such as this and developers had to be allowed a certain amount of market housing to make such schemes viable.


The Highways representative was asked to confirm that there would be a pedestrian crossing provided if the scheme was approved.  Mr Worsfold, explained that two plans had been submitted, one had a footway running across the entire site frontage and the other, which allowed the retention of more of the hedge, had a partial footway and a pedestrian refuge to assist crossing.  Neither scheme had been agreed yet.


Members voted against the recommendation for approval with additional conditions and a legal agreement including the requirement for a pedestrian crossing.


RESOLVED to refuse the application as the proposal was in breach of policies, DC2 and CP14.




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