Agenda item

Attleborough Car Parking Review


The Overview & Scrutiny Commission Chairman praised the Officers and Members involved in the Attleborough Parking Review.  He felt that this review had been a very good piece of work that was carried out effectively and had been managed in a very positive and constructive manner.  Meetings had been held at appropriate times and venues so that non-one had been left out.


The evidence base that had been gathered had been very sound indeed and he urged the Cabinet to take this on board as it showed how well the Scrutiny function worked.


The Chairman congratulated Councillor S. Matthews for doing such a magnificent job in Chairing this Task & Finish Group and for how well this review had been conducted.  He proposed that the 17 recommendations be taken en-bloc.


The Executive Member for the Economic and Commercial Services Portfolio suggested that the seventh recommendation should be removed as he was sure that the Police was no longer involved in on-street enforcement.


The Vice-Chairman, although in strong support of the recommendations, felt that the report lacked information on any costs that might be involved.  The Council would have to watch its funding streams particularly if the Government settlements became much more restrictive.  He pointed out that West Norfolk charged for its car parking and suggested that Breckland should consider this option in future.


It was agreed that the report did lack financial information and a time line, and it was proposed and seconded that the recommendations be accepted subject to the appropriate Officers providing a report to Cabinet on costs to the Council within three months.










RESOLVED that the recommendations as listed below be approved, in principle, subject to the appropriate Officers providing a report to Cabinet on costs to the Council within three months:


1)           the Council retains its policy of providing free parking in all three Breckland-owned car parks in Attleborough;


2)           the Council adopts parking orders to cover all three Breckland-owned car parks in Attleborough stipulating uses and prohibitions based on the parking orders made in 1995 in order to regulate car park use, facilitate enforcement and thus turnover of spaces;


3)           the Council undertakes in the first instance to seek an agency agreement with Attleborough Town Council to provide enforcement in Attleborough on a similar basis to the existing agreement operating in Swaffham. In the event that a partnership with Attleborough Town Council is not forthcoming, to then explore other agencies or options for enforcement accordingly;


4)           the Council adopts a three hour limit in short term parking orders applicable in Attleborough with a basic default fine levied of at least £30 (given that the equivalent fines at J Sainsbury is £50 and £70 at Lidl);


5)           the Council create short and long term parking areas within all three Attleborough car parks on the basis of 50:50 at Edenside with 100% short stay in Horse Pit and two thirds short stay, one third long stay in Queens Square. This recommendation would result in 123 short-stay spaces and 64 long-stay spaces in Breckland’s car parks;


6)     *J Sainsbury Ltd take appropriate action to effectively manage staff parking at their store, while acknowledging that imposition of enforceable short term parking orders should largely resolve this issue from the Council’s point of view, and encourage staff to park at Connaught Hall, further to the local agreement which is in place;


7)           *Norfolk Constabulary resumes operational random on-street enforcement in the centre of Attleborough at an early opportunity in order to increase turnover of parking spaces;


8)           Breckland Council, Norfolk County Council and Norfolk Constabulary liaise over de-criminalisation of on-street parking in Attleborough in a multi-agency approach, seeking a transfer of responsibility and action enabled through joined-up thinking and use of resources;


9)           the Council instructs Breckland officers to explore possible re-design of the Queens Square car park to generate additional parking spaces, whilst cognisant of costs and planning considerations;


10)       the Council instructs Breckland senior officers to liaise directly with officials of National Express East Anglia, Norfolk County Council and Network Rail to be apprised of the expected expansion of the rail station car park. The rail operator is also requested to give immediate attention to the condition of its buildings in the vicinity of the rail station given the potential health and safety issue;


11)       the Council instructs senior officers to liaise with Norfolk County Council to ascertain whether there is a possibility of utilising the land behind the adult training centre in Station Road as a car park, on either an interim or permanent basis, thus adding local parking capacity;


12)       the Council allocates sufficient funding and authorises remedial works at Horse Pit and Edenside to bring these car parks up to a reasonable standard;


13)       the Council keeps the issue of interactive sign provision under review, in tandem with the expansion of Attleborough over the next 16 years and tied in to the planning process.;


14)       *Norfolk County Council undertake further local promotion and advertising of both the Harling and Wayland flexibus services in order to try to increase patronage and in doing so ease local parking problems;


15)       should there be scope to do so, the Council should look to address provision of adequate parking for future developments in town centres (particularly in relation to flats) by amending its planning policies accordingly;


16)       permit parking schemes should not be sought at present in Attleborough but that the issue remain under review, in conjunction with the future ongoing development of the town; and


17)       an action plan be devised in order to track implementation of the recommendations and report progress into the Overview and Scrutiny Commission in December 2010.


*Recommendation (6) is directed at J Sainsbury Ltd, Recommendation 7 is directed at Norfolk Constabulary and Recommendation 14 is directed at Norfolk County Council.