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Information about Greater Thetford Development Partnership

Greater Thetford Development Partnership Board


The Role of the Board

- To bring together key influential voices from the broad collective of organisations whose decision making and actions can and does affect the places and communities within the Greater Thetford area.

- To champion the greater vision for Thetford and surrounding areas.

- To provide a means of coordinating and prioritising those organisations’ development projects within a wider Greater Thetford place-based vision.

- To oversee and coordinate delivery of important strategic projects and investments across the Greater Thetford area.

- To develop, publish and seek support for the delivery of, a place-based strategy for the Greater Thetford area.

Board Membership

Armstrong, Tig – Infrastructure and Economic Growth Manager, Norfolk County Council

Broadway, Adam – Flagship Social Housing Group

Brown, Mike – Thetford Business Forum

Campbell, Robert – Breckland Council, Chair of the Inward Investment Sub-Group

Chapman-Allen, Sam – Breckland Council

Cooper, Rob – Norfolk County Council/South Norfolk CCG

Crawford, Denis – Norfolk County Council

Doleman, Richard – Norfolk County Council, Chair of the Planning and Projects Sub-Group

Hey, Chris – Norfolk County Council, Education Representative

Jermy, Terry – Thetford Town Council (Vice Chair)

Jermyn, Graham – Independent Chair

Kennealy, Julie – Chief Financial Officer /Executive Director Breckland

King, Bob – Croxton Parish Council

Poulter, Tony – Brettenham & Kilverstone Parish Council

Van Cutsem, Will – Pigeon Investment Management

Wheatley, Paul – Norfolk Constabulary

Whittaker, Robert - Chair of the Community Sub-Group Page | 2 Last Updated, 23 February 2016 – Version 1.2


a. It is the board’s intentions to recruit an independent chair who will be employed on a part time basis. Breckland Council will act as the employer on behalf of the board.

b. Individual Members will represent their respective organisation for a period of three years, renewable by the appointing organisation. Members representing public sector organisations will be reviewed on an annual basis.

c. The Board will review membership annually.

d. The Chairman will be appointed for a period of 3 years.

e. Substitute attendees will be allowed but these must be by prior agreement with the chair. Substitute members will have equal rights as the board member they are representing, including a vote, should one be required.

f. Specialists from member organisations may present to the board at the board’s request but will not be entitled to vote on resolutions.

g. Breckland Council will provide secretariat services to the board.


1. To hold bi-monthly board meetings, which will include a public session as part of the meeting. Commercially sensitive items will be discussed in closed session not open to the public.

2. To publish agendas and public minutes for each board meeting together with any supporting background papers which the board agrees may be released into the public domain.

3. To hold bi-annual public question and answer sessions which both inform the public about the work of the board and allow the public to raise issues concerning the development of the Greater Thetford area.

4. To establish and maintain a communications plan which allows the board to communicate its work through a variety of means including a website presence and press releases.

5. To publish a place-based strategy for Greater Thetford.

6. To publish a Delivery Local Investment Plan which sets out the long-term delivery plan developed within the partnership board.

Ways of working

The composition of the board is designed to bring together those major stakeholders who shape the economic and social development of the Greater Thetford area. In recognising that those stakeholders will individually work across different geographies and socio-economic elements, with their own individual priorities; bringing them together within a partnership focused on the Greater Thetford area, ensures the opportunity to influence and coordinate partner programmes for the benefit of the Greater Thetford communities.

The board will discuss, formulate and publish a place-based strategy for Greater Thetford and within that strategy identify projects which can deliver the strategy’s aims.

In addition to influencing existing partner delivery projects, the board will seek to propose and raise funding for additional delivery projects where these are necessary to meet the agreed place-based strategy. As there is no plan for the board to become a legal entity, the delivery of these additional Page | 3 Last Updated, 23 February 2016 – Version 1.2

projects and legal accountability for funding would rest with member organisations within the partnership or other third party organisations as agreed by the board.

In order to assist in this endeavour, the board will be able to direct the activities of three sub-groups;

Community Sub-Group: ensuring effective community engagement so that the needs of the parishes in and around Thetford, Croxton, Brettenham and Kilverstone are understood and communicated to the main board.

Inward Investment Sub-Group: develops proposals and funding streams which reflect identified community needs and contribute to the vibrancy, attractiveness and economic development of the Greater Thetford area.

Planning and Projects Sub-Group: through consultation with key stakeholders, achieves the planned growth and development delivery rates across the Greater Thetford area.

Each Sub-Group will report back to the main board formally as part of each board meeting’s agenda and informally to board members as needed to aid the work of the main board. Each Sub-Group will have its own Terms of Reference agreed by the main board. Each Sub-Group Chair will have a seat on the main board to aid this reporting and communication. This Board position will have equal voting rights as the main board members.

Internal and external communication

The board will create and operate a communications plan so that;

- Its engagement with the communities it seeks to benefit is as effective as possible.

- The board provides a regular, accurate and transparent statement of its activities whilst protecting necessary confidentiality of commercially sensitive matters.

- They have an effective communications and lobbying tool when seeking to raise funding for new projects.


Board meetings to be held at least six times a year, at locations accessible to the communities within Greater Thetford.Dates to be agreed sufficiently in advance to allow good attendance by the board members and the public. Each meeting will have an open to the public session followed by a closed session for those items which have commercial sensitivity.

Full minutes of each meeting to be recorded and circulated to board members within an agreed timescale and comments/amendments will be received from board members by e-mail. The Chair will then accept/decline the amendments and approve the minutes so that they can be shared and officially approved at the next meeting. A version of the minutes, excluding any commercially sensitive matters, to be produced and made available to the public via the website.

Bi-annual question and answer sessions to be held which both inform the public about the work of the board and allow the public to raise issues concerning the development of the Greater Thetford area. Page | 4 Last Updated, 23 February 2016 – Version 1.2

Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest

Please see Appendix A: Protocol In Respect Of Information Considered At Meetings


These Terms of Reference shall be reviewed on an annual basis by the board.


The board may co-opt specialist advisers for specific pieces of work, either directly or through a request to one of the three sub-groups.


Greater Thetford area : Communities in and around the parishes of Thetford, Croxton, Brettenham and Kilverstone

GTDP : Greater Thetford Development Partnership

LEPs : Local Enterprise Partnerships

NALEP : New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership

GCGP LEP : Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership