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Introduction to new Business Improvement and Projects Agenda pdf icon PDF 39 KB

At Cabinet on 5 April 2011 it was agreed to form a new Sub-Committee combining and replacing the Capital Programme Working Group (CPWG) and the Business Improvement Sub-Committee (BISC).  The Terms of Reference for the new Business Improvement and Projects Sub-Committee (BIP SC) are attached for information.


The new agenda for the BIP SC is designed to ensure that the Terms of Reference are met.



To receive any apologies for absence. 




Business Improvement Sub-Committee pdf icon PDF 75 KB

To confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 12 April 2011.


Capital Programme Working Group - 9 November 2010 pdf icon PDF 65 KB

To confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 9 November 2010.


Actions Arising pdf icon PDF 44 KB

To note the progress of actions from the last meeting.


Urgent Business

To consider any urgent business.


Declaration of Interests

Members are asked at this stage to declare any interests they may have in any of the following items on the agenda. The Members’ Code of Conduct requires that declarations include the nature of the interest and whether it is a personal or prejudicial interest.


Non-Members Wishing to Address the Meeting

To note the names of any non-members who wish to address the meeting.


Capital Programme Update


Capital Programme 2010/11 - 2011/12 pdf icon PDF 52 KB

The Capital Outturn report for 2010/11 is attached.  It details the final budget and spend for 2010/11 and also requests that some funding is carried over to 2011/12.  This request will go to Cabinet 14th June for approval.


It also details the proposed budget for 2011/12 resulting from the original budget plus carry over. 


Members are asked to note the Capital outturn for 2010/11 and proposed budget for 2011/12, support the recommendation for funding carry-over and request further information if required.



Available Funding

Once Final Accounts for 2010/11 are finalised an update will be provided on available capital finance moving forward.


Capital Strategy pdf icon PDF 278 KB

The Capital Strategy is a key document providing the framework under which the capital programme operates.  It details the approach to prioritising capital spend through to how projects are managed and monitored.  The Strategy highlights the key risks and issues facing the Council and links to other strategies and plans.


This document is being refreshed and is going to Cabinet for approval on 26th July.  It has been circulated to Service Managers for comment and the draft document will be presented to BIP SC at its July meeting prior to proceeding to Cabinet. 


The current Strategy is attached for information as this is the overarching document that guides the release of capital funding which falls within the remit of the BIP SC.


Members are requested to review the Capital Strategy and request further information if required.


Governance Report on Capital Programme pdf icon PDF 15 KB

Members are requested to review the Programme and request further information if required.


Release of Funding pdf icon PDF 116 KB

There is an indicative budget of £1million in the capital programme for Street Lighting.  A PID and Proforma B are attached.

Additional documents:


Customer Contact Centre - Single Benefit

To receive an update.


Licensing - Mobile Working pdf icon PDF 51 KB

Report of the Assistant Director Commissioning.


Licensing Proposals

To receive a verbal update from the Assistant Director Commissioning.