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Match Funding Application - Thomas Paine Festival 2009

Meeting: 09/09/2008 - Cabinet (Item 121)

121 Match Funding Application - Thomas Paine Festival 2009 (Agenda item 14) pdf icon PDF 88 KB

Report of the Executive Member for Communities (Stephen Askew).

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The report considered a match funding application for the sum of £10,000 made by the Thetford Society to assist with the cost of celebrating the life of Thomas Paine; 2009 would be the 200th anniversary of his death.


The Executive Member for the Communities Portfolio felt that this event would encourage tourism in the area.




1)           The advantage of not supporting the proposal would be that the Council could retain its funding.  There were significant disadvantages in this approach principally in terms of poor publicity implicit on the Council not taking the opportunity to support a significant opportunity to celebrate a major event.


2)           To support the application would enable the Council to play an important part in supporting an event which fitted well within its corporate objectives and contributed to the Council’s aims.


The reason for the recommendation was that the application had been well considered and it had provided good evidence of consultation which had been used to shape the activities and community involvement.  There was a sound fit with the Council’s corporate objectives and the Thetford Society through the Project Group having given significant thought to the management arrangements that needed to be put in place.


RESOLVED that a revenue match funding sum of £10,000 to the Thetford Society to assist with the cost of celebrations for the anniversary of Thomas Paine be approved, subject to:


1)           a maximum sum of £10,000 or 10% whichever is the lower;


2)           confirmation of the total cost of the project;


3)           the balance of all other funding being confirmed; and


4)           the funding being allocated from the revenue 2008/09 match funding reserve.