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New Buckenham Play Area - Match Funding

Meeting: 09/09/2008 - Cabinet (Item 119)

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Report of the Executive Member for Communities (Stephen Askew).

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The Sustainable Communities Manager presented the report which outlined the reasons for requesting £15,900 capital match funding towards the development of a new play area in the village of New Buckenham.


The Ward Member for New Buckenham was in attendance and explained that the play area sat on the edge of the common.  The existing equipment, although well used by children of all ages, had to be removed due to Health and Safety reasons.  The Village Hall Committee would also be donating a sum of money towards the new play equipment.


The Executive Member for the Communities Portfolio stated that New Buckenham, as a community, had been exceptional; it had delivered questionnaires to families in the village and had generated a 60% response rate.


Three options were made available to Members.  These were:


1)           to approve the application for funding on the grounds of the high score and subject to offer letter conditions;


2)           to award funding at a reduced level;


3)           reject the application for funding.


The reason for the recommendation was that a sound community project had been developed based on thorough consultation and research within the local community.  There had been clear evidence of support from the whole community project.


RESOLVED that a capital match funding sum of £15,900 to New Buckenham Parish Council for a new play area be approved, subject to:


1)           a maximum sum of £15,900 or 30% of the cost of the scheme, whichever is the lower;


2)           confirmation of the total cost of the project;


3)           the balance of all other funding being confirmed; and


4)           the funding being allocated from the revenue 2008/09 match funding reserve.