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Private Sector Housing Strategy

Meeting: 09/09/2008 - Cabinet (Item 118)

118 Private Sector Housing Strategy (Agenda item 11) pdf icon PDF 68 KB

Report of the Executive Member for Economic and Housing (Paul Claussen).

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The purpose of the report was to bring forward a Strategy for the private sector housing function reflecting changes in legislation and good practice.


The Principal Environmental Health Officer explained that whilst there was no statutory requirement to have a separate Private Sector Housing the Audit Commission had recommended it as good practice.  This Strategy would not change anything that the Housing Team was currently doing; it would just provide the public and Members with clear lines of how this Strategy should and would be driven.


The options available to Members were:


1)           to adopt the new strategy which reflected current legislative provision and the powers already adopted by Cabinet; or


2)           not to adopt the new strategy.  The Audit Commission had commented in its last report that the Council did not have a separate Private Sector Housing Strategy.


The reasons for the recommendation were:


1)           To enable the Council to comply with the Audit Commission’s suggestion that the Council should have a separate Private Sector Housing Strategy to direct its housing enforcement function.


2)           For the Council to be able to justify its actions to a Residential Property Tribunal.


RESOLVED that the Private Sector Housing Strategy be adopted.