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Q1 21/22 performance report

Meeting: 26/07/2021 - Cabinet (Item 70)

70 Q1 21/22 performance report pdf icon PDF 207 KB

Report of Executive Member for Customer, Digital and Performance, Councillor Mark Robinson,

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In the absence of the Executive Member for Customer, Digital and Performance, the Innovation and Change Business Partner presented the report to Members that provided an overview of the Council’s performance for the period of 1st April to 30th June 2021.


It was highlighted that the Overview and Scrutiny Commission had requested further information on the reporting of complaints, specifically on areas the complaints covered.  It was also highlighted that the staff turnover rate was particularly high, but this had been down to the recent cessation of the shared partnership with South Holland District Council. 


The Executive Member for Property and Projects felt that the issue with the staff turnover was a technicality and reference could have been made to that fact within the report.


The Deputy Leader asked if any changes as a result of the Worksmart 20:20 project would be included within the next report.  The Innovation and Change Business Partner said that whilst there had not been specific performance indicators specified information would be included within the Quarter 2 report.


Members noted the contents of the report.

Meeting: 22/07/2021 - Overview and Scrutiny Commission (Item 58)

58 Q1 21/22 performance report pdf icon PDF 207 KB

Report of Councillor Mark Robinson, Executive Member for Customer, Digital and Performance.


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The Executive Member for Customer, Digital and Performance, Councillor Robinson introduced the Quarter One Performance Report which he stated had highlighted improvements in some areas along with areas that continued to be challenging. In order for the report to be available to the Scrutiny Commission today, so soon after the quarter, some areas had been included as provisional which were marked as red in the report.


Councillor Birt asked about Freedom of Information and the colours used, and was concerned there was a green box indicating this was all good, yet Breckland Council had not met the statutory requirement within the timescale and therefore felt this was incorrect.


The Assistant Director Customer and Performance agreed this was a valid point and he would review the criteria set for Freedom of Information Requests and ensure it was suitably reflected.


Councillor Wickerson said the take up on the garden waste service showed a small drop in numbers and felt that this would show a further drop in the next quarter as there was currently a shortage of brown bins despite a resident having received an automatic response to say that they would receive the bin within 10 working days. Subsequent enquiries received a further response to say it could be 8 to 12 weeks before brown bins would be available again.


Councillor Jermy was concerned that if you were a current subscriber to the service and your garden waste bin was damaged, with such a long wait without collection, presumably there would be a cost to the Council for non-delivery of service.


The Executive Director Place and Delivery confirmed that if a Breckland resident could not access the service, through no fault of their own, then Breckland Council would look to reimburse the resident for the missed service and that there would be a financial impact to the Council.


Members of the Commission noted the report.