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Corporate Plan Refresh 2020

Meeting: 27/02/2020 - Council (Item 34)

34 Corporate Plan Refresh 2020 (Agenda item 16) pdf icon PDF 70 KB

Report of Councillor Sarah Suggitt, Executive Member for Governance.

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Councillor Sarah Suggitt, the Executive Member for Governance provided Members with a detailed overview of the Corporate Plan which set out the Council’s ambition and the themes that underpinned all the activities the Council undertakes.


The current Corporate Plan 2019-23 had been adopted in February 2019 and would come to the end of its life in March 2023.  As the Plan had been in place for a year it was therefore timely to look at an annual refresh to ensure that the Plan remained fit for purpose for the remainder of its time.


Appendix B of the report set out the proposed amendments to the critical activities for the next year.  These had been developed through feedback from the Cabinet, Overview & Scrutiny Commission, Executive Management Team and Senior Management engagement.  All views had been taken into account.


Councillor Atterwill was disappointed that the Overview & Scrutiny Commission Minutes had not been included on the Agenda as these reflected the points made at that meeting in respect of the Corporate Plan.




1.     the contents of the report and its appendices be noted; and


2.     the Council formally adopts the proposed amendments to the Corporate Plan for the period 2020-2023.

Meeting: 06/02/2020 - Overview and Scrutiny Commission (Item 116)

116 Corporate Plan Refresh 2020 pdf icon PDF 70 KB

To receive a report from the Senior Policy Advisor, Greg Pearson.

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The Senior Policy Advisor, Greg Pearson, advised Members that the current Corporate Plan for Breckland had been adopted in February 2019 and was agreed to run to the period 2019-2023.  In order to ensure that it remains current and continues to reflect decisions made by the Council throughout the year an annual refresh is required. The document at the meeting today represents the first annual refresh.


The Senior Policy Advisor explained how the refresh worked and highlighted that Appendix A was the plan as it was first agreed, Appendix B contained the proposed changes and amendments that Officers had worked with the Cabinet to identify. Appendix C set out proposed changes to the narrative and the explanation within each key corporate theme.


Councillors Martin, Kybird and Birt made a number of recommendations that they felt would improve the documents further.  The Senior Policy Advisor said he would take on board the suggestions and review the document.


Councillor Atterwill suggested it may be more helpful for Members for two more columns to be included whilst trying to review the Plan, one for the Plan objective timelines and a further column to see what had been achieved in the previous 12 months. In addition that information should be readily available to the public to show transparency and accountability.


The Executive Director Strategy and Governance, Maxine O’Mahony explained that the information requested in the two columns was already included in a working document. The Corporate Plan was the higher level document and underneath that was the Delivery Plan which included more detail and sat across each different service area that did include the information suggested. This information was shared with the Cabinet on a regular basis. The Executive Director Strategy and Governance also explained that every year after the refresh the Corporate Improvement & Performance Team did a further piece of work to update residents on what work had been achieved against each of the areas so the information was readily available to the public


The Senior Policy Advisor also stated that the delivery of the Corporate Plan was also monitored on a quarterly basis through performance reporting to the Scrutiny Commission and in doing so was out into the public domain. The Chairman suggested Councillor Atterwill look at the Delivery Plan to see if it met the criteria he was looking for.


Councillor Atterwill also suggested that an additional point be added as many residents worked or had other commitments and for many reasons were not able to attend Council meetings but may have access to Livestream or could listen to recordings and so proposed the following be added:


CA44 to include under the column “We will…” ‘Develop a clear strategy to improve open, transparent and accountable decision making by Live streaming Council meetings and publishing recordings of meetings’ with the rationale ‘To provide a more flexible and convenient way for the wider community to access the Council’s decision making process and give the community increased confidence in the integrity and accountability of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 116