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Worksmart 20:20 - Terms & Conditions

Meeting: 27/02/2020 - Council (Item 41)

41 Worksmart 20:20 - Terms & Conditions (Agenda item 23)

Report of Councillor Sarah Suggitt, Executive Member for Governance and Maxine O'Mahony, Executive Director Strategy & Governance.

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Councillor Sarah Suggitt, the Executive Member for Governance presented the report.  The key points and changes were highlighted.


In response to a question from Councillor Wickerson who fully supported the recommendations, Members were informed that the financial costs had been included in the new budget. 


Councillor Birt queried section 1.24 of the report in respect of car allowance and pointed out that community car drivers were paid less per mile.  In response, the HR Manager pointed out that the Councils rates were the standard NJC rates and were not really comparable to voluntary drivers.


Councillor Hewett commended the recommendations as part of the WorkSmart 20:20 programme.


Councillor Birt pointed out that the link provided to the WorkSmart 20:20 programme on the Members’ page did not work as it was linked to the intranet that Members did not have access to.  This matter would be investigated.


The Chairman said that a timetable had been circulated to all Members via email about new venues and times of the meetings from 18 May to 5 July 2020.


Councillor Atterwill asked if a comparison had been carried out with other Councils in Norfolk on the mileage rates.  The Executive Director of Governance pointed out that the mileage rates were not changing and therefore would remain the same.


Subject to one vote against the recommendations, it was




1.     Option 2 (Paragraph 3.2 Parts A, B & C of the report) be approved;

Part A of the report: Policy Changes

Part B of the report: Annual leave changes

Part C of the report: Terms and Conditions


2.     the recommendations be approved and implemented to take effect in accordance with the options and associated implementation dates in paragraph 3.2 of the report; and


3.     Delegated authority be given to the Executive Director of Strategy & Governance, the Deputy Leader and the Executive Member for Governance to incidental and subsidiary action and decisions required to implement the changes.

Meeting: 06/02/2020 - Overview and Scrutiny Commission (Item 127)

127 Worksmart 20:20 - Terms & Conditions

To receive a report from the Executive Member for Governance.

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