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Snetterton Heath Growth and Design Plan

Meeting: 16/10/2018 - Cabinet (Item 114)

114 Snetterton Heath Growth and Design Plan pdf icon PDF 85 KB

Report of Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Corporate Strategy and Investment, Councillor Sam Chapman-Allen.

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The Deputy Leader explained that the allocation of £150,000 would be used to support the proposed project, allowing Landowners to be involved in the future planning of the Snetterton Heath area.


The Executive Member for Assets added that it would create quality employment opportunities within the Breckland area.


The Executive Member for Finance and Delivery said it was vital for Breckland to work with neighbouring authorities to develop the employment opportunities.


Reasons for Recommendations

Snetterton Heath is Breckland’s single largest under developed employment area, with significant development potential.  Without further direct actions by the Council, there was a danger that the site would not bring forward enough significant high value sector development, with a corresponding loss of high value job opportunities.


Proactive action by the Council could significantly increase the pace of development at Snetterton and influence the quality of developments, especially those which would support high tech sector development and corresponding higher value jobs.


The gathering pace of the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor initiative provide a timely opportunity to push forward development opportunities at Snetterton Heath.


The proposed project supports delivery of the new Local Plan in a significant way.



1)     Agree the proposed project to support the growth of the Snetterton Heath employment area and authorise the allocation of up to £150k from the Growth and Investment Fund to allow the project to be implemented (Recommended)


2)     Decide not to pursue a proactive approach to Snetterton Heath and limit the Council’s involvement to the provision of additional electricity power (Not Recommended)




1)     to proceed with the proposed programme of activity in pursuit of supporting the growth of the Snetterton Heath employment area, be approved.


2)     an allocation of £150k from the Growth and Investment Fund to allow the proposed project to be implemented be agreed.