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Quarter 1 2018-19 Risk Report

Meeting: 28/09/2018 - Governance and Audit Committee (Item 56)

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Report of Maxine O’Mahony, Executive Director of Strategy and Governance.

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Ross Bangs, Corporate Improvement Performance Manager, presented the report.


Members attention was drawn to a number of changes, three risks were currently in the high category. 


Mr Plaskett commented that the failure to maximise income from investments was a concern, he suggested a more detailed review be presented at the next meeting so the Committee had a clear understanding of the risk.


The Chairman asked the reason for the deterioration.


The Corporate Improvement Performance Manager advised the Council had a  number of units subject to asset appraisal with a view to dispose or re-invest. He confirmed that the appraisal of the units would inform a strategic decision as to disposal or re-let.

The Chairman believed that with an increased vacancy level in the Portfolio it was not appropriate to measure it as part of the risk. The action taken by the team was with the strategic aim of maximising potential from the Portfolio. He requested that a full report be presented from the team at the next meeting.


Councillor Nairn queried the critical breach of security that showed as static, he was of the opinion that it would be far more volatile than ever before.

The Corporate Improvement Performance Manager advised there was a corporate firewall provided which gave further protection. It scanned files on daily basis as and when they were received. Additional actions were planned up to the target date of 31st December and he reported that the team were confident the target risk impact would be achieved

Emma Hodds, Head of Internal Audit advised that whilst it may be more volatile the team had addressed risks to the Council. The impact could not reduce dramatically but the likelihood of it happening could be reduced.


Members queried the staff recruit and retention. It was asked what key recruitment was outstanding and had potential staff retirements been mapped out as there had been no significant changes in 12 months. They were advised that a piece of work was ongoing, staff turnover in quarter one was 14%, the Human Resources team were looking to benchmark this against other Local Authorities. Significant work was also being done on staff retention.

The Chairman requested the Corporate Improvement Performance Manager present an update on the points raised at the next meeting.


Members agreed that due to Riverside only having one vacant unit remaining the risk no longer needed reporting as an individual risk and moving forward it would be covered in the commercial property risk.


It was noted that Data Protection had levelled out. GDPR had been an unknown but a dedicated Officer was now in place and there would be an internal audit review.