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Q1 2018-19 Performance Overview Report

Meeting: 16/10/2018 - Cabinet (Item 108)

108 Q1 2018-19 Performance Overview Report pdf icon PDF 103 KB

Report of Executive Member for People and Information, Councillor Alison Webb.

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The Executive Member for People and Information explained that the report provided data on the Council’s performance for the period 1 April to 31 June 2018.


The report suggested a recommendation that the performance measure for the Garden Waste revenue be changed to reflect the number of current subscribers to the Garden waste scheme.


The Deputy Leader added that it was important to note that the Members of the Overview and Scrutiny Commission had agreed to the performance measures and therefore it was Member driven.  


It was RESOLVED to agree to the change with the Garden Waste Performance Measure.  Members noted the report.

Meeting: 27/09/2018 - Overview and Scrutiny Commission (Item 104)

104 Q1 2018-19 Performance Overview Report (Agenda Item 11) pdf icon PDF 104 KB

Report of Executive Member People and Information, Councillor Alison Webb.


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The report outlined performance against the Corporate Plan.  Most areas were positive.  The following poor performances were noted:


·         Gross rental income was under target due to rent loss caused by void premises.

·         Staff turnover remained high.  Comparison was needed with other authorities to determine if there was cause for concern.

·         FOI responses had improved but were still well below target.  Ways of automating the system were being looked at.


It was recommended that the performance of garden waste be measured by the number of subscribers rather than as currently, as that would give a clearer indication of uptake of the scheme.


Councillor Crawford asked if a figure could be provided for the number of empty properties in Breckland.  It was also pointed out that there was no value against the indicator for Quarter 1.  Ross Bangs agreed to publish those pieces of information.


The Chairman asked for a report on FOIs for the December meeting, Information should include a breakdown of the categories of requests to indicate how many came from members of the public, MPs, businesses, etc and the cost of responding to them.  It was noted that the Council could charge for the information if the request took over 18 hours to administer. 


Some Members were concerned about staff turnover numbers.  It was suggested that a ‘below the line’ report should be provided to a future meeting giving more information about the reasons people were leaving.  It was agreed that this would be added to the work programme.


The following points were noted:


·         A discount could be offered for having more than one garden waste bin

·         The bar chart scale on page 80 was wrong.


The report was otherwise noted.