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Consideration of suspension or revocation of hackney carriage/private hire drivers licence

Meeting: 28/10/2015 - Appeals Committee (Item 59)

Consideration of suspension or revocation of hackney carriage/private hire drivers licence (Agenda Item 9)

Report of the Executive Director Commercialisation.

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The Licence Holder was invited into the room.  The Chairman introduced the Committee and Officers and explained the procedures.


The Licensing Officer presented the report.   The Licence Holder had failed to notify the Council of a change in his medical condition.  When he had applied to renew his licence it had been noted that he did not meet the medical requirements and his licence had been revoked.  He had since received medical clearance and re-applied for a Licence.  Members were invited to determine whether the failure to notify the Council warranted any action.


Councillor Duffield asked if there was a list of medical conditions on the Group 2 licence.  He had had a similar experience and he had not been advised not to drive as a consequence.


The Licensing Officer explained that Group 2 conditions were not a legal requirement in the eyes of the medical profession.  It was a Breckland specific requirement which drivers should be aware of.


The Licence Holder explained the circumstances.  Following a medical procedure he had been advised not to drive for a week.  He realised with hindsight that he should have notified the Council.


Everyone was asked to leave the room whilst the Committee made their determination.  They were then invited back to hear the decision.


The Chairman noted that the Licence Holder had already had his Licence revoked for four weeks.  Members had also agreed that the wording was not clear and would be making a recommendation that the rules were clarified.


In this instance the Committee had determined not to take any further action but they would require an annual medical report from the Licence Holder’s GP to confirm that he was still fit to drive with regard to the existing medical condition.  The Licence Holder would receive a written warning about his failure to notify the Council and he was reminded of the need to read the rules about the notification requirements.


RESOLVED to take no further action.


It was further RESOLVED to RECOMMEND TO GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE that the wording of the Policy Booklet should be clarified to make it clear that all heart conditions should be notified to the Council when diagnosed, or when there was a change in condition.


Members also requested that all existing Licence Holders should be notified of that fact.