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Provision of Environmental Services

Meeting: 09/06/2015 - Cabinet (Item 59)

59 Provision of Environmental Services (Agenda item 13)

Report of Lynda Turner, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Environmental Services & Democratic Services.

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The Vice-Chairman & Executive Member for Communities & Environmental Services & Democratic Services introduced the exempt report.


The Assistant Director of Community provided Members with a detailed overview of the report.  The risks, pre-conditions and detailed options appraisal were highlighted.


The Environmental Services Manager was in attendance and both she and the Assistant Director of Community responded to a number of questions in relation to costs incurred, quality of service and future contracts.


The Legal Services Coordinator was also in attendance to respond to any concerns raised.


Members were in full support of the recommendations and were content with the detail provided.  They also commended the report as it was very clear and concise. 


It was noted that any decision moving forward would come back to the Council for a decision.




See report.




See report.


RESOLVED that the recommendations as listed in the report be approved.