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Community Development Service Review Report AWAITED FROM RIANA RUDLAND

Meeting: 22/11/2012 - General Purposes Committee (Item 70)

Community Development Service Review (Agenda Item 8)

Report of the Community Development Manager.

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The Deputy Chief Executive presented the report which followed on from the December 2011 restructure which had been through the LJCC and General Purposes Committees.  There had been a number of changes since then to how the service was provided.  These included changes to CCTV, Grants and the Pride Agenda.  There was also a new Shared Service Manager in post.


Members had been very supportive of the work of the team and keen to receive a progress review.  That provided an opportunity to review the structure.


Mr Williams (as Chairman of LJCC) said that they had supported the leaner structure. 


Mrs Canham agreed that cuts had to be made and supported what the Council was trying to do, but she was concerned at the potential loss of skills.


The Community Development Manager advised that all the functions would still be covered and the changes to the structure would result in only one redundancy as opposed to two in the previous proposal.


The Chairman noted that some posts were not part of the review and it was explained that some forms and functions were not changing.


The Executive Member for Localism, Community and Environmental Services said that the responses from the Could We Should We consultation had been taken into account when considering the changes.  The use of multi-skilled officers would enable delivery of a wider range of services.


Mrs Chapman-Allen asked various questions about the Community Safety team which the Community Development Manager answered.




(1)               the revised structure at Appendix B be approved; and

(2)               formal consultation with staff should proceed.


As a result of concerns raised at the LJCC meeting Mr Williams asked that letters to affected staff be sent out promptly and the Deputy Chief Executive assured him that they would.