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Air Quality Monitoring

Meeting: 19/06/2012 - Cabinet (Item 80)

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Report of the Assistant Director for Commissioning

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The Council had a statutory duty to meet National Air Quality objectives.  Changes to Planning Policy 23 (Planning and Pollution Control) would require local authorities to put in place local arrangements relating to planning pollution control measures. 


The Cabinet was being asked to adopt the document as technical guidance and the guidance be issued to Breckland Council Planners, Developers and Agents.


An Air Quality Monitoring system had already been put in place on the London Road in Swaffham.  The town had proposals for increased housing and a large retail development which could exacerbate the problem.  These air quality exceedences could equally occur across other parts of the district where increased development would lead to increased traffic movements and pollution levels.


The Executive Member for Internal Services advised that air flows in Breckland could be affected by the London conurbation but he accepted the recommendations.


In response to questions, the Scientific Officer for Breckland Council advised that there was no legal or statutory requirement for Air Quality Strategies but authorities were being encouraged by DEFRA to have one. With regard to any implications on the developers, the document itself had been aimed to help them in terms of what was required.  Dialogue would be established with developers at an earlier stage.


The Chairman asked if there would be any impact on air quality from other aspects such as traffic lights etc.   Members were informed that the County Council had advised that simple rephrasing of traffic light systems would cost in the region of £10k.


The Executive Support Member for Assets & Strategic Development knew of the problem in Swaffham and knew that the nitrogen dioxide exceeded DEFRAs figures and had concerns that additional dwellings in the town would add to the problems on the London Road.  He was well aware of the monitoring equipment on the London Road and asked if it would be possible to have further equipment placed in other areas of the town as mentioned in the report.  He also asked how the results from such equipment were dealt with. The Executive Support Member also mentioned costs and did not think it was fair for the residents of Breckland to pay for the monitoring equipment.  He thought it would be a good idea for the developers to be made to contribute towards such equipment particularly on larger sites.


The Executive Member for Performance and Business Development, also a Ward Member for Swaffham, who unfortunately suffered with asthma, asked if the European Commission were behind such monitoring equipment.  He was not against monitoring that affected peoples lives but felt there had to be a balance.  Development was needed in Swaffham and he did not want to see it restricted over matters such as these. 


The report to the Overview & Scrutiny Commission had been triggered by the proposed Air Quality Technical Guidance document.  The Chairman of the Commission believed that nothing much could be done about the traffic and wind direction in Swaffham.  However, what the report was doing was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 80