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Licensing - Mobile Working

Meeting: 07/06/2011 - Business Improvement and Projects Sub-Committee (Item 54)

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Report of the Assistant Director Commissioning.


The ICT Project Manager provided Members with a list of deliverables which gave an indication as to where the Council was at within the original PID.


Referring to mobile working, the ICT Team had managed to prove the concept of mobile working in-house.  Breckland Council would be the first in the country to put barcodes on taxi plates.  The next step was to purchase a scanning device.  The BES Server licences for blackberry devices had been set up and the Lalpac Enterprise had been enabled and configured.  However, this had been temporarily switched off until the scanner had been purchased.


The Chairman asked if the Staffing issues within the Licensing Team had been resolved.  The Assistant Director of Commissioning explained that the Principal Licensing officer was still on long term sick leave; therefore, the reliance sat with the next Senior Officer.  Further to this, Environmental Health which Licensing came under was still without a Manager; however, he was pleased to announce that an interim Environmental Health Manager should be in place by the end of the week to assist with this type of work going forward.  Officers were coping well in the circumstances and were keeping the day job going. 


The ICT Project Manager pointed out that some work could still move forward.


Another outstanding deliverable – data migration – was almost complete and Officers were now starting to use on-line records.


The Chairman felt it was pointless moving forward with mobile working until the new structure was in place.  Members were informed that one of the tasks for the new Environmental Health Manager was to look at licensing to assess whether the structure was correct before any trading took place.


In response to a question in relation to the scanner type, the ICT Project Manager explained that he was considering a jacket with a built in scanner that covered the Blackberry device.  He would also be looking at developing the apps on the device.


A Member said that he could recall a similar test being done on a benefit claim at someone’s home and asked for some research to be carried out as to where the Council was at then with such mobile devices.


Referring to connectivity, it was noted that the majority of licensing work would be in the towns where the coverage was good.

Meeting: 24/05/2011 - Business Improvement and Projects Sub-Committee (Item 12.)

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Report of the Assistant Director Commissioning.