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Transfer of Play Areas

Meeting: 05/04/2011 - Cabinet (Item 35)

35 Transfer of Play Areas (Agenda item 10) pdf icon PDF 74 KB

Report of the Executive Member for the Economic & Commercial Portfolio (Mark Kiddle-Morris).

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The Executive Member for Economic & Commercial presented the report which asked Members to consider and approve the release of £80,961.33 to transfer three Breckland equipped play areas to Attleborough Town Council.


Background information was provided.


The Vice-Chairman believed that these open spaces should belong to Town and Parish Councils (he mentioned the success of Gaymers Meadow) and felt that the transfer and the commuted sum was excellent news for Attleborough.


The Executive Member for Corporate Development & Performance queried the wording on the Proforma B (2nd paragraph) and asked whether there was a Service Level Agreement attached.  Members were informed that the play areas were being transferred not the open spaces around it.  The Land Management Officer explained that the original proposal was in relation to equipped play areas only.  Breckland Council did not want to dispose of any land that could be of strategic importance.  It was noted that these open spaces would become part of the tranches within Active Land Management.




1)           To approve the release of £80,961.33


2)           Not to approve the release of £80,961.33




To ensure the facilities in these play areas are kept to a standard acceptable by Attleborough Town Council and the facilities available could be changed in response to the town appraisals.


RESOLVED that the sum of £80,961.33 be released to transfer three Breckland equipped play areas to Attleborough Town Council.<1>